Wednesday, January 24, 2007

frilled functioning fossil shark

I thought is would be nice to throw out this little reminder about how much of the world we know about. Recently some Japanese fishermen saw a strange fish and called most marine biologists to check it out. It ends up to be a very rare frilled shark that’s thought to be extinct or very near to it living at crushing depths.

I know that I can sound a bit like a whack job when I begin talking about animals and the Bible but when there are fossils found with this creature and then you find this creature something automatically doesn’t add up with the evolutionary explanation of things.

I thank God for my faith and his ability to show up people who think they are far smarter than I because of some old bones.


Jamison said...

If that is a real picture it is possibly the coolest picture I have seen in 2007. It just LOOKS prehistoric! And alien-like.

bigsip said...

That pic is very cool, Mullinz!

I doubt we'll ever know even one tenth of one percent about our world, much less the universe. How amazingly, seemingly infinite this creation is...

Brewster said...

I think I caught one of those once. Tasted like chi.....chihuahua

mullinz8 said...

That indeed is the real picture of the frilled shark soon after it was captured and released into a tank at some marine biologist place in Japan.

It is a stunning image and something that completely other worldly.

Sipper, when you mention the universe, I think it’s funny how scientists can claim they have everything figured out beyond our little eight plants (Isaac just learned that we used to have nine planets “the one named after Mickey’s dog, Pluto is now just an astro-rock” very cute) and then something like this shows up though it shouldn’t even exist and no one considered it odd.