Thursday, February 02, 2006

If utter bordum interests you..

go here:

and you can download the audio of my presentation...

Hey, I am only doing this because some of yall aske dme to post the slides here... this was easier...


bigsip said...

saw the emails...we just might do this!

mullinz8 said...

I just finished listening to your presentation and it was excellent!!!

I’ve always told Jules that in the next couple of years we’re going to stop getting cable. Now we’re going to lock up the computer.

You did a fine job and I hope people took to heart what you said and didn’t let it just wash over them.

It’s sad that there are so many sick people in this beautiful world that would want to prey on the innocent.

I don’t support the death penalty but these sick-o’s I’ll make an big exception.

You should be very proud of yourself for giving people the chance and knowledge to engage their kids on this subject.

Jamison said...

thanks mull! I cant beleive you listened to it all! Did my voice sound high and whiney? Did you like the way I started it out with "Is this thing on?"

mullinz8 said...

You had a few funny moments actually.

I do wish I could have seen the whole presentation but the most important thing is that your words didn’t rest on the images. Rather you took the better of the two routes and let the images support the words, well done.

Not only did I listen but I passed it on to some other people I know.

Don’t sell your self short, it was really good.

As an outsider I would think that you couldn’t move without being berated with some IT question, which I think is sort of funny, partly because it’s true…

At one point you state, “I did do some research…” and I thought it was funny just because it’s admitting to the audience that you had to know what you were looking at.

The stats were really good and the comparisons between different, “accepted” forms of entertainment and porn was really good. I think you could break the one talk into several really in-depth topics.

If you got the bugs worked out you could hit the talk circuit.

bigsip said...

Dude! I finally listened to it! I think you did an awesome job!

Wish we had been there. At the end, you said something about hoping you shocked people.

I must admit that I was shocked by the stats. It's very sad how these pervs target kids. We all need to be careful now and in the future.

Excellent job, Jamison!

Jamison said...

thanks fellas...

yea, the whole time I was thinking "everyone is going to think my research was looking at porn."

In all honesty, the closest I got to looking at porn was the misspelled nickelodeon ( When I went to it here at work, it got blocked, but when I looked for it in google, I could tell what sort of site it was by the cached google log... no pictures came up of course, but they werent needed.

bigsip said...

Sad thing is, you can practically type in anything and porn wiwll come up.

If you want to know about a major interest like movies, books, music, etc. you can bet that porn will show up somewhere in your search.

It's maddening!

Brewster said...

I didn't listen to it all. Sorry, but I can only listen at the home computer, and I don't have an hour to sit in my computer chair and not play games...But what I heard sounds good.

Really, you sound like a pro speaker.

bigsip said...

Come on, Brew! Multitask!

You can listen and game simultaneously, can't you?

He did sound like a real pro, didn't he?

I was very impressed.

Jamison said...

I dont blame you brew. No offense to anyone, but I wouldnt be sitting around listening to it either... I can barely pay attension in person, much less just listening when before my face sits games and a wealth of information on the net.

No need to apologize Brew.