Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Love Note: A Rock

On our trip (mentioned in my last post) we picked up a couple of souvenirs for family members. One of the gifts we bought was a small bag of colorful rocks from the Native America store in downtown Athens. Luke, as most three-year-olds do, loves rocks, so we thought he’d love them. We were not disappointed.

When we brought them home to him, he immediately pulled out his treasure box and began placing them into it. Then he started picking out his favorite rocks and pretending they were different food items. One looked like a plate and one was red like spaghetti sauce. One of his favorites was a beautiful chartreuse color and was shaped like a glass. He held it and played with it and pretended to drink from it.Yesterday at work, I was sitting at my desk, eagerly anticipating time to leave and go to the zoo with my family when I felt something poking me in my left butt cheek. I reached in my back pocket and pulled out the rock Luke had placed in there, unbeknownst to me. I immediately began to laugh/cry with joy at the beautiful little way my son said, “I love you, Daddy,” with his favorite rock.


Jamison said...

Oh to have the mind and innocence of a child. To become so entertained by rocks. Growing up isn't as fun and as exciting as we made it out to be when we were younger.

bigsip said...

Jamison, you need to come arrowhead hunting with me down in that field close to my parents' house.

Finding those rocks will take you back.

I still remember finding my first arrowhead. It was one of the most exciting moments of my childhood...right up there with catching my first fish.

BTW, Luke and I will proabably go fish in Uncle Cliff's pond this Saturday. Hopefully we'll get some good pics of Luke's first fish and I can blog it!

Jamison said...

poor kid.... first fishing trip is at a pond that is filled to the brim with huge fish-tales.

bigsip said...

haha! wel, we're gonna bring some hot dogs this time and use little hooks and bobbers. we'll catch bream...they're usually pretty easy.

i think i am the only person who will ever have a big fish tale from that pond, unfortuntely.

Jamison said...

oh, yeah, forgot about the bream. Fat back works wonders too! Rachel should go to, to take photos. It would be ashame to not capture the moment in pictures with a good camera.

mullinz8 said...

You are all invited to another exciting day of river clam, snail and mudpuppy hunting this week end with my boys.

May I happily be the one to let you both know you have no idea what level of joy is in front of you.