Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pictures Of World War I

picnic15.jpgI've recently become fascinated with World War I. There have been so many movies made, and words printed about World War II that it seems like the first one gets over looked. Perhaps thats because the reasons behind fighting WWII are more compelling and understandable, while the Great War is kind of muddled. Perhaps it is because more people are still alive that survived the second one. Maybe it is due to some other reason, I don't know. Whatever the reasons it is certainly more easy to find information on the second war than the first.

However, whenever I read about the first war, in some ways it seems even more horrific, disgusting and hellish than the second.


Jamison said...

I, too, have often wondered wy there has never been a great, epic film made on ww1. True, we have more real life experience to go from with our ww2 vets, but still, we have film footage and probably loads of documentation on ww1.

THink about this. Those USA soldiers fighting in WW1 had fathers who very well could have been in the Civil War. SO imagine a world seeing war on a "civil war" level (shooting lines, horses, even swords still used) to a war with tanks, battleships, and bi-planes. ... that, in and of itself, would be pretty horrific

Jamison said...

if you havent clicked the picture in this post, please do so, but only if you have a strong stomach. I just think it is intersting to see photos like this that you dont even think about in relation to WW1 but easily do for WW2. Bottom line; war is war, weather it is a war between two native american tribes or the war in the middle east... it is ugly

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