Monday, July 23, 2007

Let them eat cake

For my birthday, my wife surprised me with a strawberry cake... but not just any strawberry cake...

Back when my Granny was still alive and when I was much younger, she would bake me a homemade strawberry cake. Everything was homemade, right down to the strawberries that she grew herself (I fear memories like this will belong to fewer and fewer people as the years move on, but that's an entirely different blog.)

Granny never had a recipe for this cake. She never had a recipe for anything, but they always turned out wonderfully.

An aunt of mine managed to recreate Grannys strawberry cake and commit the recipe to paper. When I found this out, I asked for the recipe and we have had it for many years.
Larissa made said cake for me for my birthday. Sure, she didn't grow the strawberries, and the actual CAKE was from a box, but she did make the divinity icing from scratch.

Thought I would share the wonderful beauty of this cake!


Diana said...

Happy Birthday! That must make your wife feel good for you to blog about her cake. I wish Charlie would talk about the pork chops I made earlier.

Anonymous said...

beautiful cake!

Tammy said...

Mmmm. That looks wonderful and I think I gained two pounds just from looking at it! Tell the wifey we all said hello and give Ty a kiss for us! We miss yall.

CL said...

Wow! That's all I can muster! Oh and, lucky!

Amy Brewster said...

That looks totally yummy! Good job, Larissa!