Friday, June 01, 2007

May 24th, 1997

My life is complete,
And my heart is full.

Memories along with future memories
Make me love you all the more.

With you, I could attain any goal I desire,
And with you I will.

"Without you" is a thought far from my mind.
And each day, God grants my wish to be with you.

Had I never met you, I would have never known
how much I need you as I do today.

Stay with me,
Wholly one,
Forever in love,
And I promise to do the same.

A couple of you may recognize this. 10 years ago on the date above Jodi and I said "I Do and I will." (The "and I will" was my spontaneous reaction to her Grandfather's "I Do" question. After hearing my response, Jodi added "and I will" to her "I Do.") During that ceremony I had my friend and Groomsman, Jeff, read that poem aloud. I penned it for Jodi's 19th birthday card. We had nothing at that point, literally. I could barely afford the card.

It's amazing where God takes you in life, but as I typed those words a moment ago. I recalled the emotion of the original ink. I wish I could write such beautiful words today, but alas my feelings don't flow onto paper as well as they once did.

I just wanted to share with everyone a special memory.


Diana said...

"I do and I will." That's cute.

I always liked it better when people said "I will" than "I do." It's a lot more personal. "I do" sounds like you're saying "Sure, whatever you said."

Jamison said...

Congrats Chuck and Jods! You are both good folk! Curfew couldn't keep you away from her. My, how us boys wondered how you'd make it back without getting caught.

Mat Brewster said...

Super congrats Charles and Jodie. That's awesome.

Oh and sorry about messing up your car that day. It really wasn't me, but I didn't say "no, tearing Charles' door of isn't a good idea."

Amy and I hit five years next month.

kermitgrn said...

i trusted you Brew, and you betrayed me! Water under the bridge man. I had forgotten about the musty smell after a rain in my old car because the door wouldn't shut. But how could you let them put baby powder in the air vents? Argh!And my windows did not roll down because the motors were busted. Amazing how memories can become fond that really ticked you off at the time.

Jamison said...

I just wrote a bunch of ling meaningless words on the windows. But i do remember seeing the faces of the family members look upon those prying the door open. They were in shock and they had that "Im too afraid to stop them because they may hurt me" look on their faces.

kermitgrn said...

They probably wanted to help, but not be to blam should someone get angry. I've been there.

Jamison said...

Oh, beleive me, I know you;ve been there. In fact, I know you "were there" September 23, 2000.
My car + one box of generic Oreo cookies = pissed Jamison

Mat Brewster said...

Please do note that I did not actually take part in anybodys car destruction. True, I didn't stop any of it from happening, but I did not take part nor encourage.

I think I was too dumbfounded by your destruction Charles to do or say anything.

Thanks guys for not messing mine up.

Jamison said...

You had a limo driven by your father in law... not much we could do. But, if youll watch my youtube video of your wedding, you will see Mullins and I testing out the limo before you got in it.

Anonymous said...

this is sip...


sorry i am late on this. seems like just yesterday i was bending your door open and vandalizing your car. had y'all made our wedding, i would have expected no less, my friend.

congrats! and i promise to never vandalize an automobile of yours again.