Saturday, June 02, 2007

Krewe of Lafitte

Booty with prized "Five Flags" fiesta beads in foreground

Last night the family went to the Krewe of Lafitte parade. I was going to have some great photos of the parade, but we could not find our new camera and then my mobile phone somehow was set to the lowest resolution possible. So forgive the quality of the small photo below.

We had a great time. My 93 year old grandmother was there and was abundantly beaded by the end of the night. People were walking up to her and Alexandra with gifts and beads. There was even one vehicle that was throwing out mini Blue Bell ice cream sandwiches.

For general photos go to the Pensacola News Journal Web site.


kermitgrn said...

BTW: the picture on PNJ's Website of the Nurse and Baby. Jodi works with the baby.

Sorry Mullins, the clowns were not professionals. You probably guessed that. As a matter of fact we were happy there was a barricade fence between us and the parade because a few of the more "toasted" clowns were piled onto a golf cart and driving around like "toasted" clowns.

Jamison said...

That looks like a family driendlt mardi gras parade... would that be the way to describe it?

BTW, good to see you on here more now Chuck

kermitgrn said...

Family friendly for the most part. It's an old tradition in the area that I remember going to as a child and there were a lot of children there. But, many of the folks on the floats had been drinking for a while.

One other funny thing was that we were standing across the street from a bar. About half-way through the parade they started decorating a nearby tree with beads by tossing them. It was kinda like a Christmas Maple Tree by the end of it.

We need to have everyone come down to see the parade one year.

Oh, and glad to be here. The E-mail notification has really helped encourage me to participate.