Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Boy

I have no picture yet. I left my camera at the hospital. Larissas mom and sister took over for my mom and dad today at the hospital. Mom and dad headed home. I got 40 minutes of sleep last night. When i get little sleep, I get VERY emotional about everything, so add having a beautiful healthy baby boy by a beautiful healthy wife, you can imagine I am a basketcase right now.

I agreed I needed to come home and take a few hour's nap, but not without blogging first. Though, I could not leave without bawling because I didnt want to leave him and I sit here crying as I type just thinking about it. Everyone who says it is right; it is unlike any love I have ever known. One would think I would be happy to get away from a being that cant talk, smile, needs diaper changing, and shreiks worse than a Ring Wraith causing me to get no sleep. But the offer of quiet sleep filled me with saddness. And my wife, she gets no such luxury, so I feel guilty now... but all insisted, so here I am.

All you guys were right. And I never understood it. Brew, I suspect you are like I was... not understanding this love. I shan't even being to describe it. I thought I would not want to see him come out. I didnt sit next to the doctor, but from the spot at my wifes head, I could see is head emerge, quickly followed by his full body. His first cry had my hugging my wife as we both cried.

I no longer care about what others think of me, I no longer care of material posessions, I no longer care about myself. It is a crazy feeling.

My parents and her parents are amazing. Even if Larissa and I though we could pay them back for all the money they have spent on us in the past few months, it wouldnt touch their true worth to us. And our friends, likewise. I dont know how people do it without good family and friends.


Anonymous said...

That is beautiful, Jamison. You've already touched on this, but, one of the most beautiful thoughts that comes to mind when thinking about our children is the fact that the way we feel about them and look at them is the way our parents look at us, even today. And it's the way God looks at and feels about us, too. It's that feeling that a person cannot understand if they never have children. It strengthens and punctuates His love for us. Love you brother.

Diana said...

I'm so excited for you guys! Congratulations! You're going to be the best daddy ever. I know just what you're going through. I still can't stop staring at Harrison. I can't wait to get our families together. Charlie and I want to come in the next few months because it's been way to long since we've seen everyone.

BTW, Charlie started to write our whole birth story, but eventually gave up. One day when I have lots of time I'll blog it Diana style.

Anonymous said...

Went and saw the Bralys yesterday. They are tired and need prayers. They, like all people in early parenthood, are experiencing all the joys, emotions, difficulties, etc. all of us parents have gone through. They should be going home today around 2 PM. Let's all keep them in our prayers as they settle into being a nuclear family.

Mat Brewster said...

Congrats again Bralys. I don't know what that's like, but hopefully someday relatively soon we'll be right there with you.

Too bad you don't live closer to the stubbs, your kids could grow up together.

Ryan F. said...

I'm so happy for you. You're exactly right, there is no way to describe it. I still remember breaking down and crying after Will was born. I just couldn't help it. Amazingly enough, that love will continue to grow.

I must admit also that after I got off the phone with you on Wednesday I started thinking about how emotional a time it was for me and the feelings and emotions you were going through and I got a little teary-eyed.

Congratulations and enjoy every minute with him. Time will fly.