Friday, June 01, 2007

Exodus 20:3

I had my alarm set to radio today and I woke up to a news story that a top scientist at NASA had come to a conclusion that global warming just isn't something we should really worry about. He said this in an NPR interview.

In what would seem like seconds in the media world, PR officials at NASA scrambled to save face. A NASA official said of his statement: "It was a shocking statement because of the level of ignorance it indicated with regard to the current situation. He seemed unaware that 170 nations agreed that climate change is a serious problem with enormous repercussions, and that many people will suffer if it is not addressed." ... Wow, nations agreed that it was a problem... If just agreeing on something makes it fact, maybe we can get 100 people to agree that I am a rich Kentucky Colonel surrounded by beautiful southern women in tight corsets.

This made me think back on how so many Hollywood elite, or mainstream leftist politicians act when real live SCIENTISTS downplay the global warming issue; They react with, in many cases quite literally, weeping and gnashing of teeth. Why? If they are so against global warming and want the "problem" to be gone, why not say "HOORAY!!!" when a scientist says it ain't a problem? If people were dying all over the earth and the cause of death was a rise in the earths temperature by 1 degree, then I would say it is a problem, but so far, other than some smog in busy cities (which is being decreased) I don't see the problem... and apparently, neither do alot of scientist WAY smarter than me, and certainly smarter than alor of actors in Hollywood. I mean, forget the fact that during the so called "Ice Age" scientists agree that the glaciers melted on their own... without one jet flown by the Clintons and without one Hummer being driven by Sly Stallone.

This post isn't really focused on my opinion, but rather my common sense views, but even more so on the fact that we have a new religion in this world. Environmentalism. Don't get me wrong. I don't litter, I drive cars with pretty good gas mileage, and I hate oil spills. But think of it this way. In your mind, describe your reaction when you, a God-fearing person who believes in their heart of hearts that God created this earth in 7 days about 6,000 to 10,000 years ago. Now, someone tells you "Creation didn't happen." or "The earth is millions of years old." Let us say these men who tell you these things are scientists... WAY smarter than you. Do you believe them? Of course not. What if a handful or real scientists (Not affiliated with a church) say that they have found record of a worldwide flood thousands of years ago? Or say they have found that the earth actually is no more than 10,000 years old. You probably would hoop and scream for joy and hold those scientist upon your shoulders. Why? Because what they say goes along with what you believe religiously.

So go back to the environmentalism church. They react the same way when a scientist says something that goes against their belief. In truth, they kind of WANT the world to be at risk. Once the world is safe, they no longer have any work to worship. They want to be little gods who are responsible for mankind and the earth.

Going back to an earlier example. Let us say that you love steak. You don't worship steak, you just like to eat it. Now you are eating a steak and watching TV when a panel of scientists come on and say "Do not eat steaks bought a week or less ago, there is a strain of bacteria in all cows used to make steaks recently." Well, you may put your fork down and stop eating. You may even finish that steak, wipe your mouth off, and cross "Steak" off your shopping list for next week until the scare goes away. However, if perhaps you were a "Steakist" and believed that all steaks were good for you, and you found a few scientists that felt that the bacteria wasn't dangerous to humans, you' would keep eating steak and worship it by anointing it with A1 steak sauce.

I don't really want to stir up a political or social discussion, I just couldn't help but notice that a large sect of certain political leaders and alot of Hollywood folks (who say you should save the world by only wiping with "one square of toilet paper per day" -Sheryl Crow) may not worship God and may not give a flip about who Jesus is, but ya gotta hand it to them, they do love religion. Which kind of solidifies the idea about human nature; That humans feel some need to worship or have a greater power than them in control.

My opinion; I really don't think us little humans can destroy a earth that God created. Does this mean I am going to test God by trying to trow a bunch of batteries in the trash or dumping my radiator fluid down the storm drain? Never. I just think the destruction of the earth is on God's watch, not in our hands.


Mat Brewster said...

My brother and I were just talking about global warming yesterday.

I do think some folks get way too into the environment and yes, even global warming. Good point about it being their religion, though I suppose if you don't believe in God then this earth is all you've got.

The thing that's odd too me is how many conservative christians refuse to believe in global warming. I don't have the stats but it seems like the majority of scientists believe global warming is rule and could be disastrous, yet so many christians that I know act like it is all a pack of lies.

I can't figure out the why on that. It is almost like we get mad at the scientists for believing in evolution so we have to discredit everything they say.

My take on the reaction is it is all political and everything is reactionary in politics. So instead of having a normal conversation about it, they have to run as quickly away from that guy as possible.

My understanding on what the guy said though was basically global warming exists, but it isn't conclusive on whether or not we should actually worry about it. Like global climate change may not be something we can actually change.

Jamison said...

Yes, I think that is what he meant. I mean, we didnt start keeping record of the earth's temperature until the 20s... so who is to say the earth hasn't globally warmed up in the 1600s or cooled down in the 3rd century?

Brew, you may have touched on a touchy subject... religion is, in some ways, politics... which is why some of us Christians are reactionary the same way politicians are...

Mat Brewster said...

TTVT. Probably the main reason I don't like politics and "religion."

kermitgrn said...

I don't believe in global warming the way the scientists are putting it myself. I think that if we are on a warming trend it probably has to do more with the lack of trees than the amount of gases.

Ever notice how nice and cool everything is under a tree? Trees suck up light and heat and convert to beautiful oxygen. Just a thought.

Besides, read this:

And, not to be critical, but did you mean to spell Exodus the way you did?

Diana said...

>> What if a handful or real scientists (Not affiliated with a church) say that they have found record of a worldwide flood thousands of years ago?

Actually they have. :)

I think global warming is something to worry about, but in a years from now sort of way. When you think about it, there's not much the comman man can do about it. Personally, I blame global warming for the active Hurricane seasons we've had in the past few years. I don't worry about ice caps, though. I saw an experiment done once in science class that showed that the ice caps melting (at the North Pole) wouldn't really flood the earth. If you want me to explain it I will.

David said...

I agree that the end of the world will be on God's timetable not a panel of scientists'. And that religion is political. And I agree that Global Warming can't be established based on the limited amount of weather pattern data we have. Good post and good replies, guys. Keep up the good work.