Friday, June 08, 2007

Blogging Finally Pays Off

About a year ago, I wrote a silly little post telling the story of my first pair of Dr. Marten shoes. Many of you know this story, as many of you have worn those very shoes.

About a week ago, I got an odd little comment on that story from a guy who listen a Dr. Marten URL in the comments and claimed to be a representative of the company. He was complimentary of my posting and asked me for my shoe size and address, for he wanted to send me a new pair.

I was a little bit worried that it might be some sort of scam, but the e-mail listed was or some official looking thing, and it seemed a very odd scam, so I dropped him a line. We chatted a few times and he promised to send me some shoes.

Yesterday, I received those shoes from UPS! Lovely brown things that fit perfectly and are as comfortable as I remember.

I guess my years of blogging are finally starting to pay off. For my next story I think I’m going to write about the wonders of a new car, and living in million dollar houses. Who knows what I’ll get in the mail!


Jamison said...

that is so awesome Brew... I have worn those very shoes. How m any times have we said that the company needs to know about those shoes?

For those of you who have never worn a pair of "Docs" you dont know what you are missing. I am so spoiled they are the only dress shoes I buy now. Albeit, I dont buy them much because the cheapest ones are well over $100.

Go try some on!

And brew, send us some real pics, i want to see what style they gave you.

FYI, if you buy Docs made int he USA, you might be disappointed. Always buy the ones made in England if possible.... big difference

Jamison said...

By the way, how about linking to the original post you made about the Docs. Link for the new readers

Mat Brewster said...

Too lazy to take a picture but they are basically the ones in the picture, except they have a little pad that goes around the hole to pad the ankle.

Edit: I first wrote that the guy contacted me a year ago, he actually did so about a week ago.

I did link, and it is still there.

Jamison said...

I had a pair of the ones with the ankle padding. good shoes. Lasts forever, though I dont know where that pair is anymore

CL said...

Man That is awesome! I have blogged about many things and have never had quite the response - good job brother!

Anonymous said...

brew, will they use the story in their ads?

this is sip, btw

Mat Brewster said...

Thanks Chris. Sip, I don't think so. In fact the guy asked me not to blog about him giving me the shoes at all. He said it would come out sounding cheezy and they have a staff of marketing folks.

I didn't blog it on my site for that reason, but since it is mainly us here I thought you guys would get a kick out of it.

Jason said...

You are definitely one of the coolest people I have ever met.

Mat Brewster said...

Thanks J. What you up to these days?