Friday, March 09, 2007

Tags, Part III (The Last Post On This, I Promise - Maybe)

I hate to harp on this again, so soon after my last one, and especially since you guys are actually starting to use the tags, but before it becomes a bigger mess, I want to point out a few things.

In the space where you can write in your tags, there is a link labeled “show all.” Please use this as it will show you all the tags that have previously been added. Before you add a new tag, please use the ones already invented.

Also, before you add a new tag, think a moment about whether or not we need to be that specific. Tags need to fall somewhere in between really general and really specific. If it is too general then basically every post we create will be tagged as that, and then it is useless. Too specific and you only have one or two posts with that label and again its usefulness in questionable.

Honestly, I don’t mind the really specific stuff as much as being too general. So, while “smoking” or “jamboree” may never get used again, I don’t think it is a bad thing to have to specifically labeled out. My main concern, here, is that we are using the ones already created. For example, Mullins you used “mullins” as a tag, when “mullinz8” has already been created. And neither of you two used “personal” or “life story” when all of the recent posts fall into those categories.

I know, it is all new, and you both probably could care less, but I’m really into the tags and want to make them work properly. And I don't mean to constantly be jumping on anyone. I'm thrilled you went back in and tagged, I just want to make sure we do it properly, otherwise we'll have a whole bunch of tags for the same thing.

Just to stave off confusion, I’m going to break down all the tags and their meaning.

All Labels:

  • ACPO: Any post dealing with the American Coalition for Peeing Outside.
  • Art: Any post dealing with painting, or sculpture. This can entail discussion of classic artists, making your own art, or a picture of a particular artistic piece.
  • BigSip: All posts written by the illustrious BigSip.
  • Blog: All posts about this blog, or blogging in general.
  • Charlie: All posts written by the not so illustrious Charlie.
  • Church: Honestly, I didn’t create this one. I was tagging all spiritual discussion under “religion” but we could make this more geared to attending church services, or related specifically to the church of Christ.
  • Current Events: Any post geared to items currently in the news. This is not for personal posts about events that recently happened to ourselves.
  • Diana: All posts written by the beautiful and luxurious Diana.
  • Dream: All posts written about dreams that we have had or, dreaming in general.
  • Fun: A pretty general category. I created it originally for our random posts about funny things we’ve found on the internet, but can be used for anything deemed enjoyable.
  • Internets: Mainly used for posts which contain links to outside websites, but could also be used for general discussion about the cultural phenomenon that is the World Wide Web.
  • Jamietoons: All posts about Jamisons cartooning endeavors.
  • Jamison: All posts written by Jamison.
  • Kermitgrn: All posts written by the funny little green man.
  • Life Story: Personal posts that are written in story form. The original idea here was to separate the simple personal posts, “I applied for a job today” from the longer posts that tell an interesting story.
  • Literature: All posts about the written form, can be classic literature, pop fiction, or even our own attempts at writing fiction.
  • Mat Brewster: All posts written by that hack.
  • Movies: All posts written about the cinema, including our own attempts at short film.
  • Mullinz8: All posts written by David Crosby
  • Music: All posts written about music.
  • Personal: Any posts of a personal nature. A very broad category which encompasses most of what we write, but excludes all the random silliness we are all fond of.
  • Photography: Originally intended for any post containing a picture we have personally taken, but it kind of morphed into any post that contains a picture.
  • Politics: Any post about politics.
  • Rachel: Any post by the glorious and wonderful Rachel.
  • Religion: All posts about God.
  • Reviews: All posts that review something. We haven’t done these in awhile, and I really created it to try to get Jamison to do more reviews, like he used to do.
  • Television: All posts on TV
  • Tnmommieof2: All posts by the effervescent Juliana.
  • Travel: All posts about traveling.
  • YouTube: all posts that contain a youtube video.

I know that’s a lot, and probably most of you didn’t read half of this. But please do browse the selection before choosing a new one. This simply won’t work if we don’t use it properly.


Jamison said...

Geez... tag nazi...

No offence, but like I said before, I will never use the tags when searching for a blog.

But I will toss a tag or two in my posts if I think about it.. it is kind of hidden at the bottom, so I forget.

midnitcafe said...

fair enough. But tell me this, why not?

You were actually the person I figured would love it since you did the whole voting thing way back when. How much easier would it be to find blogs for the blog awards now that we have tags?

kellieja said...

I am guilty of morphing the photography tag. I dont remember now what I saw but it was an amazing photo used and I couldn't not put it in photography.

Jamison said...

All i do is search the blogs now...
I would have done the "blog awards" this year, but the interest last year was so weak that I figured no one really cared. I literally think I had maybe one person offer nominees...

Maybe I will do the 2008 awards...

tags dont help anyway, it is still a matter of me having to skim over each post individually.