Friday, March 09, 2007

A Good Service

I’m a writing fool today. Sorry for those who get bumped.

Amy and I visited my grandmother the other day in Maryville, Tennessee. While there we attended the Maryville church of Christ. What a joyous thing it was.

The congregation is decent in size, probably around 300 members. This made for a glorious song service. It really is amazing what a few hundred extra members will make in the singing. But beyond just the change is numbers, the member all seemed to truly be singing with joy from their hearts. I hate to sing congregations that don’t really sing, and adore it when everybody gathers together to create a “joyful noise.”

The lesson, likewise was marvelous. The preacher spoke about avoiding temptation, and feeing the devil. He spoke energetically and enthusiastically. He used some examples from current events (some local teens had just been killed in a car accident involving alcohol,) told some personal anecdotes, and made us crack the Book multiple times. The scriptures were actually read (instead of just alluded to) and he applied them directly to his points in the sermon.

The congregation was not overly friendly, but no less than half a dozen members approached us and chatted us up amicably.

All in all it was a very wonderful service where we worshipped God appropriately, and left feeling enthusiastic and encouraged.


CL said...

There's just something about being in the presence of God...immeasurable, awesome!

Ryan F. said...

I almost took a job there a few months back. I heard great things about the church. Glad to hear it confirmed!