Thursday, March 08, 2007

Grove Park Inn

The Mulls and The Brals had a grand ole time in Asheville, NC.

Sometimes I forget how much I can laugh, and sometimes I forget how much I can make other people laugh, but apparently I had because we all laughed alot... likewise, we rested alot.

I won't go into how good the food was, and how nice the spa was, nor about how nice it was to stay up late in the grand hall by a fireplace that 15 men could fit in while I tried to convince Mullins to use some of my material in his standup routine. I will also pass over the part about getting a box of chocolate (And the box was made of chocolate) delivered to our room by a guy Mullins had befriended that worked there...

But, I will leave you with a few pics... I have some awesome ones of all 4 of us, of the Mulls, and of just me and my wife, (another one) but this is all I had at work. The rest are at home.

I am really relaxed in this first picture...


mullinz8 said...

Good looking folks for sure.

I would like to encourage you guys to take the time to plan relaxation.

It’s especially nice if you can purposefully relax with a good friend. I don’t expect a lot of reply’s to this post so I’ll sum most of it up. It’s good to feel good.

Love you Jamison.

Jamison said...

I love you and yours too Mulls

Charlie said...

If you two love each other so much, why don't you marry each other? (oh, yeah...I went there.)