Thursday, March 08, 2007

Breathing easy

I am very proud of my wife and you all should be too.

As many of you know Jules has smoked for the past couple of years. She stopped when pregnant (thankfully) but has been a slow burning chimney none the less for quite some time.

Recently I had to play nursemaid to a sick wife who was too wiped out to do much of anything including smoke. After just over a week the illness passed and Jules was already most of the way through her de-toxing without having put too much thought into the whole process.

The next week was pretty tough because her routine at work was shaped by her need to smoke: lunch, breaks, trip in and back home all with smokes in place.

On a weekend shopping excursion Jules asked if she could buy one pack, smoke one and let me hold the rest for her. I told her if she bought a pack she would have to give the rest to me and I would instantly throw them away.

She continued to be smoke free for another day. To date my wife has continued to be smoke free. What that really (selfishly) means is that Isaac, Caleb and I don’t have to be unwilling second-hand smokers anymore and for that I’m very thankful.

I don’t know that you guys really know what it is to quit one of the most addictive and socially accepted drugs in history so please take a moment and let her know how happy you are for her determination, strength and courage to fight this addiction.

Julie, I love you and am very proud, thank you.


midnitcafe said...

Tags man, tags.

Yeah, Juliana! Keep up the good work, I believe in you. That's awesome!

CL said...

That is AMAZING! I don't know you but I do know that this is amazing! You can do it!!!

bigsip said...

I quit the habit long ago...It was love that made me quit and kept me quit and it's still love that only lets me smoke my pipe once a month. Love will keep you off it, Jules. Just think about all the extra years you'll have with your 3 men without those cigs. That's the best nic patch ever. Love you and proud of you.

Jamison said...

I love good ole Jules. The thing about smoking is that most people who are addicted to it hate themselves for their need to do it. Jules will start to love herself more each day, and be more proud of herself, and that irritating self-hatred she may have felt with each light-up will be a breath of fresh air. No pun intended.

Jamison said...

FYI newcomers.. as you can see, this blog is odd... you can check it everyday for a week and see no new posts... but if you miss one day, youll see 6 posts went up the one day you decided to not check it.

Charlie said...

Good going, Juliana! (No funny comment this time. Sorry.)

tnmommieof2 said...

Thanks alot guys. I do appreciate all of your encouraging comments. It has been one of the hardest things I have ever done.

When I found out I was preggers with Caleb I instantly put then down because I didn't want to smother my baby living inside of me. But smothering me alone didn't seem that bad.

I feel better and better each day about quitting. It is still hard during my "high smoke times" like in the car and after meals. But I know I can do it. My health and my families health depends on it.

Thanks again guys! I love you all!