Thursday, March 29, 2007

No Room For Rest

I work in what can be nicely considered a converted house. I say nicely because for the most part, the conversion consists of moving some desks into the house and wiring it for multiple broadband connections. I am quite literally in the basement. I would add “converted” basement to modify that noun, but then I would be lying. The only conversion that has been done is to add to walls to create my office, throw some desks around, and we have a refrigerator and a photographer’s basin that we use as a sink.

In the middle of the floor still sits the furnace, the floor is hard, cracked concrete, and most of the wall are cinder block. As it is the maintenance department, tools hang everywhere. There are also no windows, so I feel like I am in a dungeon, or a cave.

The only bathroom is upstairs, which is where the billing department is located. Every single time I go up, the ladies up there give me the oddest looks like they don’t know who I am, or what I’m doing there, or they do know and they don’t like it.

The bathroom, also, doesn’t have a lock. It’s a single toilet (like you’d find in your house) but after doing a thorough search, there isn’t a single way to actually lock the thing.

My first two weeks on the job, I thought we had a system worked out – the bathroom door would be left slightly ajar when not occupied thus everyone could easily tell when it was available for use. But this week, being my third, that system has been thrown off. The last several times I have gone upstairs to use the facilities, the door has been closed. After waiting several minutes, I have gone back downstairs and held it. The thing is, I don’t think anyone was actually in there. There didn’t seem to be a light on (but it is hard to tell because there is a big window in there) and while waiting I heard no signs of use.

But I just can’t tell, and without the lock I am afraid to walk in on someone. I’m now too scared to even go up. Yesterday, I actually used my break to run to a convenience store and bought a Coke and peanuts just so I could use their restroom.

This is nuts. But I don’t know what to do. This place is so crazily PC and weird that walking in on someone on the toilet would not only be awkward, but potentially job dangerous.


Mat Brewster said...

This is not to say I don't like my job, for I mostly do. The people are cool, and the work is simple. I just can't pee anymore

JS said...

Call me crazy, but could a slight knock on the door not work? We have a faculty restroom that is single stall, unisex. There is a lock, but 1 out of 100 times it is left unlocked. I ussually turn the knob, wait 2 seconds to hear the scream, then go in when safe.

You should make a make-shift 'occupied' sign for yourself when you go. Decorate it, make it crazy. maybe the other employees will catch on and start making their own and when you warm up to them, have an anual occupied sign decorating contest.

Mat Brewster said...

Well sure that would be logical, and sounds easy, but you don't understand the looks these people give me. The restroom is sort of catecornered from two offices and the laides there gave me dirty looks when I went to the restroom. It's like a bizarre test for me. The whole situation freaks me out.

Of course your suggestion is exactly what I'll do...eventually.

CL said...

Yeah, make a sign! I love that idea. How simple.
You know I have to say, I hate that we have become this way. You know so PC. We can't be real anymore, or ourselves; we can but people don't get it.
I won't go into a rant right now about living nakedly.
Just my .02.

Mat Brewster said...

I'm totally pro-nudity, but I don't care for anybody to watch me pee.

mullinz8 said...

The guy with a history of walking in on anybody doing anything in college doesn’t have the nerve to knock on a bathroom door full of woman. The guy who almost watched naked women showering in Italy can’t knock on a door. the guy with the binoc... never mind. This list could go on forever but it’ll only become embarrassing.

Brew I’ve never known you to know a stranger so I have to tell you that I’m a bit shocked hearing this.

Befriend the lady closest to the door and that way when you have to check the head you’ll have someone to nod to for occupancy.

JS said...

Ah, binolculars by the window...

Ryan F. said...

Aren't you guys big ACPO guys? Just go outside.

JS said...

Geez, good point Fred... cant imagine why I didnt think of that sooner... Brew, if you are ashamed of being in the ACPO perhaps you want to forfiet your membership sir?