Tuesday, May 02, 2006

You Sneaky People!

A gentleman from Apologetics Press name Kyle B. called yesterday. Rachel was in the bathroom (again[pregnant, you know]) so I took the call. The conversation went something like this:

Kyle: Hi, is this Josh S?

Me: Yes...

Kyle: This is Kyle B. does your wife want a freelance, part-time, from home, graphics design job?

Me: $#%@%!? I mean, she'd love it! Let me have her call you back!

Kyle: Good cuz Chuck's leaving :(

Anyway, I'm guessing Chuck gave Kyle the low-down on Rachel's skillz. If so, thanks Chuck! If not, who did?

Rachel called him back and they'll be trying her out on a trial basis. This is a dream job for her. Please keep her and our family in your prayers. She'd love to do it and she'd be great at it! This is an answer to prayers and an amazing opportunity.


Jamison said...

now THAT my friend, is very groovy... I shall pray for it! Well done Chuck.

bigsip said...

Thanks, man! We're super excited.

I actually went to tell Rachel that her dream job just called and she had to go return the call immediately!

She's got an email from him for the layout design and is getting it done today! So we should know soon if they'll want to hire her on a more consistent basis.

mullinz8 said...

Excessively cool!

Break a leg and make those pixels sing!

bigsip said...

BTW, Rachel, Vicki (my mother-in-law), and Luke were at a Mexican place across from Faulkner yesterday and Chuck walked in.

He sauntered oveer to their table and slyly asked Rachel when he'd receive his referral fee!

Looks like she is THE go-to for most of their grafics and layout after Chuck leaves. There's only really one other local guy who would probably charge too much and all of the local printers charge exorbitant amounts.

In other words, it looks like Rachel will be able to get some good jobs out of this!

We're very excited!

Rachel said...

Yes now if only I could get my computer fixed... I am totally psyched about this! But for now I've had to remove everything possible from Josh's laptop so I can squeeze on Adobe Illustrator which is smaller than Photoshop and therefore plausible, to do the trial ad for them. Plus the ad is really simple, just 1 pic and a lot of text to put on a 1/2 page ad, so it's kinda hard to show what I can really do. I hope this works out!!!

Brewster said...

This is very cool news. Best of luck to you Mrs. Sipper.

Chuck, can you get my wife a job? She knows dick about that stuff, but she could...um....translate AP stuff into french?!?

Actually she really does need a job. School funding just ran out. We've decided that she's going to "take a break" this year so she can work on her dissertation. However, we need the $$ so she will be doing this with some whatever kind of job.

Rachel said...

Well, Kyle just emailed me and liked the ad I did. I got the job! He says there'll be a few small jobs until Chuck goes, then a good bit more work.

Brewster said...

Awesome Blossom!

bigsip said...

I was hoping that something at FU might work out for y'all.

But, FU is still in the throes ot trying to figure out how o get their newly accredited Master of Education up and running, I guess.

Maybe something there would work out. Wasn't she also looking at Freed Hardeman at one time?

Jamison said...

my advice to you regaurding your computer...

Turn your computer off when you arent using it.

One of the most damaging things you can do to a computer is to never turn it off. Fans wear out eventually (as you can see now) and if you leave your computer on, your hard drive spins and spins and spins for no reason and eventually goes bye bye. If the fan on your CPU (or powersupply) stops working, the computer crashes fast. Think of it as your oven. You use the oven everyday, but would you just leave it on all the time? Would you leave the microwave humming along with nothing in it just so itll be nice and warm for when you do pop something in there? Hibernation and standby mode dont help. In fact, they confuse the computer more than anything and I have rarely successfully "woke" a computer up from these modes without something being askew.

I say this so your computer wont break again and so you will always be able to keep bringing in this extra income and have this outlet for your talent, for which I am thankful to God that he has answered your prayer with the quickness!

Hope you are feeling better, sippie-pooh said you were sick last night.

Rachel said...

Thanks for the advice, Jamison... until my computer crashed, I had no idea leaving it running was a problem. I know better now! Turns out the PSU fan hasn't been running for a while and literally melted wires in there. I'll be lucky if nothing else is damaged.

I am feeling 100% better today, probably because I took it easy yesterday. I just get dizzy, short of breath, hot, heart racing etc every once in a while when the baby is really growing. I think it has to do with the increasing volume of blood in my system. Nothing serious, but it does slow me down for a day.

mullinz8 said...

Computer guy busting out the mad skillz.

Ra, I’m glad that this opportunity has come your way, I know that you’ll do great in what ever they throw your way.

bigsip said...

This first thing they gave her to do only took her 45 mins and wouldn't have taken that long had she had her own computer and software to work with.

Of course, she'll charge an hour minimum for stuff like that, but it looks like most of the jobs are going to be small and simple. At least, that's what Chuck said.

In any case, I'm proud of her. Finally getting to display her own skills and do some good work for the Lord to boot!

bigsip said...

Thanks again for the tips, Jamison. We'll be certain to turn off the box from now on!