Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Blog is Back In Town

I've temporarily uploaded my blog here.

It is through wordpress which seems ok. I really like that you can assign each post a category. This way if someone wants to read all articles about my adventures in France they can click the France category and immediately see all of those postings.

It doesn't allow you to change the template at all, so all of my little sidebar pictures and what not are done. Kind of annoying, but acceptable at this point.

In my searching I found out that yahoo allows you to register a domain name for like 5 bucks a year! So, I'm thinking about getting one and just putting the name on top of the clunky wordpress one. The question is, what should I name my domain?

I'm thinking about:

which seems kind of cool, and makes it old school. However, I've had the "Brewster's Millions" name rolling around for so long that it has developed a little title recognition. Meaning there are a few folks out there who now know me and my blog soley by the "Brewster's Millions" name. So, I might lose them if I change names.

Anyways, what do you fellas think I should nam it?


bigsip said...

Wasn't your URL always, though?

I'd say keep the similar midnightcafe URL and keep the name as BM on the blog page itself, just like you do now...

VERY glad you were able to save it!

Jamison said...

Brew. Go for it. I would like to archive our blog and move it too. I would have to lose ours. I may be the only person who looks back on them from time to time for a good laugh. I love our blog.

If you knew how to move it all to another provider, I would pay for it. Though I would be jealous if you got for your blog alone... id wanna share it.

I have to admit. The ease of use and user-friendly layout of blogger is nice and appealing. But it is quite unreliable. In fact, ti has taken me almost 10 minutes to upload this bloody comment.

bigsip said...

I'm all for a move if everyone else is...We should vote on it!


Jamison said...

Asking this blog to vote on something is a death sentence... remember the blog awards?

Ill just figure out a way to back all our blogs up and when blogger scres us like they did brew, we will move.

mullinz8 said...

I wouldn’t change the name Brew.

You’ve got to look at this as a business and if you change midstream you’re going to loose a few people unless you’ve got a way to ensure that people are also going to know with everything they read they are reading Brewster’s Millions as …(insert Brews new info here).

I would think it would be possible to get the website and then have a major part of it directed to trafficking visitors to your blog.

As far as moving our site, it really doesn’t matter to me. What are the benefits?

bigsip said...

Yeah, just back it up, Jamison.

The benefits of moving it to our own domain are stability and safety.

Blogger tends to go through too much maintanence and loses stuff like an entire blog sometimes.

Having our own space would keep us from having to deal with the ups and downs of Blogger.

But, we'd need some blog software to keep it going. That would probably cost some dough.

At this point, I'm just glad Brew's blog survived.

bigsip said...

Brew, your current blog URL is

I suggest you keep a similar URL for your new blog. Much easier to remember for those who go to your blog.

Then, name it Brewster's Millions just like you do now. Same same...

Brewster said...

Wordpress can actually take our blogger account and transfer everything over to it. That's what I did and it took all of 5 minutes.

The category thing is awesome. I had been manually listing all my reviews on a page and linking back to them. Wordpress automatically does it. Well almost automatic. YOu have to go into each post and categorize it.

For us, all of our posts could be categorized so say I wanted to look at all our religious conversations. With the click of a button I've got them all gathered. Or say I want to see everything Jamison has posted or whatever. All it would take is for us to go back to each post and label it. With all of us and all the time we spend on this blog that would take nothing. Heck sip could get it done in a day as often as he's on the blog.

I think this would be perfect for us.

This site has a lot of information on web hosting. Some of it is stinking cheap. However, stinking cheap still has be be paid for. If someone wants to volunteer to pay the price we can look into getting our own site.

That brings up past questions concerning what we want to have on this blog/site.

anyways, I can easily move us to wordpress if we want out of blogger.

Brewster said...

It has always been 'midnitcafe' in the url. Notice the mispelling as well.

"Brewster's Millions" has some name recognition. But honestly it aint much. For the most part I know the folks who visit regularly. I can e-mail/comment to them where to go and they will no matter the name.

The blog started out as a personal journal, it went public and morphed into reviews and pop culture essays for fun. Having my own url would take it one step closer to something more professional.

The next step will be buying up my own webspace. but that's down the road.

Really I've like the idea of the midnightcafe for my webspace for ages. I like the look that could go with it, and the concept of it being similar to our experiences at college. Lots of cool stuff ya know?

I'm really at the point where this needs to be decided. If I get bigger, then name recognition is a big deal. As it is I think I can manage a change, but I'm still figuring out if I want to go that route.

Jamison said...

wordpress sounds good to me... no ads like blogger?

if we pay, how much are we talking? 15 bucks a year? We could split it up... one person per year...

Brewster said...

Ok, so if no one objects by tomorrow I'll throw us on wordpress.

I'll actually object a little bit, the only problem I've had with wordpress is they can be a little slow. Going through all my posts and categorizing them, I've seen that it can run quite slow sometimes.

Like clicking a link sometimes it will take 20 seconds to load the page, and soemtimes it times out. I'm on DSL, but I am clicking at peak times so....

Not that blogger was always fast. In fact it was often crap.

When can always try wordpress and if it sucks then we can go back or try another blogger.

bigsip said...

Sounds ok to me. Just leave this blog up and post any and all info we'll need to transition HERE!

Thanks, Brew!

Brewster said...

Alright gang, I went ahead and did it anyway. If someone has an objection you can bring it up and we can decide not to use wordpress anyway. This way we can all kind of look at it and see if we like it.

I told word press to make you all administrators. you should get an e-mail. If you did not, then I must have the wrong e-mail address. Send me an e-mail with the right e-mail address and I'll redo it.

Charlie I didn't add you becuase you never check your e-mail anyways. But you can still comment at the blog. and if you really want to be an admin let me know where to send the invite.

I left out mrs mullins as well because I forget her e-mail. Mr mullins can handle that when he's up and running.

Brewster said...

Oh yeah the url is

Im in the process of importing everything, but it's giving me some trouble. I can't tell if the trouble is that our blog is way big, or wordpress is crapping out, or if it comes from multiple posters.

If those who can log in would and try to import I would appreciate it. It's pretty simple. Log in, click on "my dashboard" up at the top left, then click on "import" at the top right. Choose the blogger account, use your blogger log in and password then go from there.

Ryan F. said...

Jamison said...

i am so hesitant to move... like being here too much....

bigsip said...

I am, too.

I kind of want to just have a back-up blog and keep posting here since we're all so used to coming here, but I know it would piss Brew off...

Moving's probably the right thing to do, too...

Brewster said...

Honestly, it doesn't really matter to me. I think wordpress is the better site, and I do really like their categorization of posts.

But we've been here forever, and everybody is used to coming here. It's easy for me to start posting elsewhere, but some of our group (who still haven't chimed in) aren't so tech happy as me.