Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Next Illogical Step

I was speaking with someone the other day (think it was Jamison) about how society seems to be going down the toilet faster and faster.

He asked if I thought pedophilia would ever be legalized. I laughed and said it was ridiculous. No way! That would never happen!

Check out this article about some crazy Dutch folks who want pedophilia and more!

Makes my stomach turn...


kermitgrn said...

It is truely sad that our world is coming to this. Maranatha!

bigsip said...

Indeed, Lord, Come quickly!

These people aren't human anymore. They're animals.

They even condone and promote beastiality!


tnmommieof2 said...

That is absolutely disgusting.


bigsip said...

To me, it begs the question: How can human beings, made in the likeness of God, stray so far into evil and depravity?

Of course, the same things have occurred in human history/Biblical history many times.

Look at the antedelluvian world, Sodom and Gomorrah, and Israel during the time of the Judges.

Also, consider Rome itself...

Evil and disgusting depraved actions have been around as long as humans have been sinning.

It's scary and sick.

mullinz8 said...

The world is a sick place and that's one of the many reasons we're told to consider our selves NOT of this world but destined for another.

Brewster said...

Not to stand up for some crazy pedophiles, but...

Sounds like its actually a small group over there and they won't actually get anything passed. There have always been sickos in the world, and always will be.

I've always read that in times past, people married much much younger. Interesting to look out how the age of consent has changed.

Kids are also maturing a lot faster these days. I've read that the age young ladies grow breasts and menstrate keeps getting younger.

That's still creepy, gross and wrong. Just some thoughts. Certainly a 12 year old girl isn't emotionally mature enough even if her body is.

Sick that they are acting like they are out for the youngsters best interest, when in fact its just to get off on some nasy fantasy.

Jamison said...

Yall dont seem to know the half of it..
in many countries it is legal. If someone in the USA has enough money, he can spend about 5 minutes on google, find a website that has kids as slaves or kids that were sold to them and pay a flat fee to have plane, hotel and "whatever else" he wants with the kids.

In my opinion, it may become accepted like homosexuality has. Though I dont see it happeneing in our lifetime and perhaps not our kid's lifetimes. But if you think about it, homosexuality has become accepted due to the fact that it is just a "different sexual preference." How long before the pedophiles use that argument?

In my opinion, abortion sucks, but molesting a kid is worse. At least with the aborted baby it goes to heaven and doesnt live a life questioning whether it should commit suicide everyday, or living a life of immorality that gets traced back to the moment it was molested, possibly comneming his or her soul to hell...

bigsip said...

"I've always read that in times past, people married much much younger. Interesting to look out how the age of consent has changed."

But, this isn't at all about marriage.

This is about control and slavery.

There's a great sickness in the world. I see now how far it is going.

This is about a complete lack of normal human decency and morality. Satan has a special place in Hell for these evil people.

kermitgrn said...

This article is very explicit. I hesitate to post, but in Sweden bestiality is already legal.

Squeemish beware...


bigsip said...

I've read about worse things, Chuck.

There was an article maybe a year ago about a German who screwed a chicken to death!

How freakin crazy can someone be?

kermitgrn said...

Didn't Brew visit Germany about a year ago, while in Paris?

Brewster said...

Please don't think I'm agreeing with those sick dutchmen. The subtext of their little party seems to read loud and clear that they're pervs looking for some really sick times.

I was really just letting my mind wander around the concept of sexuality. Sexual relations with a 15 year old is a sick thought to my mind, but in another culture not all that long ago, it would be perfectly acceptable.

Lots of what we would consider to be kids today were married off in times past. It's just interesting to me to think about.

Brewster said...

I did visit Germany, and I did sit on some large, painted chickens. But no one was injured, and the chickens are just fine.

bigsip said...

I know you don't agree with them, Brew.

True enough, girls were married off early way back when.

The issue to me is the fact that kids mature sexually very early in some cases, but their emotional, mental, and spiritual selves don't generally catch up until waaayyyy later.

Someone can be "functional" and not be really ready for a long time.

mullinz8 said...

There are 30 year olds with kids that aren’t sexually mature yet.

The age of consent is only a part of the question. I stated recently, as Brew has, that only two generations ago you would be an old maid at the age of 18 in some places. Hindu culture has/had their female children of 12 married to wealthy middle aged men simply due to the status.

Sadly you’re dealing with people who are not centered around a religious base so the arguments of “it’s wrong” is useless.
People are sexual beings, religious or not, and that is the root of their motivation and this issue.

The most disturbing thing to me is that the majority of the children who are currently involved in this “industry” are not there because it’s a choice. They are abandoned or sold to evil people who do nothing more than sell that person into a depraved form of slavery. If you’re 18 or the legal age of consent in your country and you want to hook and pretend you’re 15 have at it. If you’ve been sold into something, that’s wrong no matter the age.
It’s not the age for me it’s the consent of the “recipient”. I’ve seen dateline shows about the underage sex trade in eastern Europe and Asia and it’s horrid. The kids become, to some extent, immune to the act they are performing because they know if they don’t turn the trick they will be beaten, starved or any other attribute you’d find on a demons resume.

As far as critters go, people have been screwing anything that moves from most likely some time after the beginning, considering the Biblical warnings. Frankly they will have to deal with those acts someday and I’d rather them screw a chicken or goat than pay for the rape of a child.

Speaking of demons, there are reasons, like the subject of this blog, I believe they are still actively working in our world.

bigsip said...

Indeed the forces of good and evil are arrayed against each other in all-out war.

We're in the middle of it, my friends.

Brewster said...

Consent is a big thing. There is a big difference in some pervert 'buying" a 13 year old boy then raping the kid for weeks and a couple of 13 year old kids mutually experimenting.