Thursday, May 04, 2006

Leanne Durden (Edmonson)

I wouldn't generally blog something like this, but it's urgent.

Y'all might remember Trey Durden and Leanne Edmonson. Well, they're married and have one girl and just had another baby. There were major complications and she's in rough shape. PLEASE pray for her and her family. Here's an update:

The following is an update on Leann Durden (Faulkner alumnus) sent in by hersister-in-law, Misti Edmondson (Faulkner alumnus):

Hey guys!! I know by now you all have heard and been praying for Leann. We still need those prayers. The doctor just came in a little while ago and saidshe looks good but what we are concerned about now is when she bled out and shedid bleed completely out.

She lost everything so they are trying to put it backin her and her body has been through so much trauma. She is on a respirator forher breathing, she is on medicine to make her kidney's function and she is onelectrolytes for her liver. She is not really doing anything on her own andright now and that is what the doctors want because they say it is helping herheal but at the same time that means we don't know what she can do on her own.They are worried about complications and the possibility of infections.

She is not out of the woods and we are not sure when she will be. The doctors said thisis one of the hardest things to go through because they can't give us a timelineon when she will be better it's just a waiting game. So please continue to prayfor her because we need it so bad! Thank you for all being so GREAT!! The prays have gotten her this far!!

One more thing we ask if you want to do this. Leann was given 44 units ofblood and so many people have wanted to know what they could do to help. If youwill give blood at a Life South they are going to track it and tell Leann howmany people gave in her honor over the next 10 days or so. You just tell themthis is in Leann Durden's honor. The web address below is for Life South and youcan go on and check for a local one in your area. I know we have one in H-villeand they are doing blood drives all over the place usually.

Again thank yall so much for your prayers and keep sending them!!!

Love, Misti Edmondson (in case you don't know Leann's sis-in-law)


Jamison said...

just gave blood! it was easy! There were about 30 names that came today for her.

bigsip said...

wish i could give blood. my daily medication rules me out, which sux since i have O+ blood!

Rachel said...

I would've too (even though I can't stand to get blood drawn) but they would've taken one look at my belly and turned me right back around!

Lots of prayers going up for Trey and Leanne.

Jamison said...

i was so nervous. I HATE giving blood. But I can and have no legitimate excuse. So to not for me would be wrong. I figured, what if there were only 43 units of blood at the hospital... she'd be dead today. So maybe I can be the 44th unit to someone one day.

It was great after it was over, all the ladies were like "wow, you are a changed man now!" cuz i was all like "This is easy! it was great!" then I faked a faint as i walked out the door, they said "Dont DO that!"

Brewster said...

Prayers are being said.

I'm actually organizing a blood drive for my work and surrounding business.

Although I'm not sure I'll actually be able to give, having lived out of the country and all.

Jamison said...

Use the Leann story to summond the troops to give.

Larissa coulndt give either.

mullinz8 said...

I give blood everytime I can. It's a really enjoyable experience and it doesn't hurt at all.

I think living in France for a year is ok for giving blood. I know that after I'm in Africa I won't be able to for I think at least a year.

Give until it hurts Brew.

Jamison said...

it may not hurt, but it was uncomfortable and unatural feeling. But the ladies there are nice and got a kick out of me. I havent had apple juice in a long time.

Jamison said...

SHe has been moved to a room, out of the ICU thingy.

Jamison said...

Leanne was put in a room, was able to feed her baby, but hasnt slept in like 3 days. She talkes constantly, excitedly and can not sleep. She talks to anyone about anything. Dr concerned, had a CAT scan this morning, nothing wrong with her. No visitors for the next couple of days.

A memory of Leanne swept through my mind during church and the thought of her dying made me start to cry.

It was July 19th, my birthday, around 1998. I live in the on-campus apartments like she did. Her and Janna (cant rememeber her last name) bought me a b0day cake, and a gallon of sweet tea and we had a b-day part for me in their on campus apartment. It was very nice. I dont think any of you guys were there that summer, so i needed that.

Ryan F. said...

"She talkes constantly, excitedly and can not sleep. She talks to anyone about anything. Dr concerned"

Why? She's a woman...that's perfectly normal behavior.

I'm really glad she is doing well.

Jamison said...

i was thinking that in the back of my mind when Doug mentioned that.... i was like "My wife needs a CAT scan after she comes home from work each night?"

bigsip said...

That's fantastic news!

I got emotional the other night, too, when Leann was brought up. It was not really because of her, though.

I just started to think about what it must be like for Trey and how I'd feel if Rachel were in a similar circumstance.

With Rachel being pregnant and all, too, it just really hit me.

But, with prayer and care, I'm sure we'll be fine.

BTW, I heard that what started all of Leann's problems was an embalism.

Ryan F. said...

Yes, an amniotic fluid embolism. You can google it to read up on it. BTW, it only happens when you enduce labor (something to think about).

bigsip said...

It also appears to be very rare and the mortality rate is very high!

God was and is definitely watching over her.

Apparently, most women suffer permanent neurological damage as well. Probably why they were concerned with lack of sleep and rapid speech patterns.

Jamison said...

No, talked to Brian W about this.
A phsycologist at the church he used to work at said it was post dramatic stress disorder.

She essentially died twice, her body was afraid to go to sleep, presumably, for fear she would not wake up again... They had to 'switch off' holding her hand as she slept otherwise she would wake up. Sp when one person had to pee or whatever, another came in to take her hand.

bigsip said...

I think you mean PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder. It makes sense that she'd have that.

Lots of soldiers who've been in Iraq and Afghanistan have PTSD. It's a very difficult thing to get over. We all need to pray Leanne through this.