Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Me and Sip went fishing together in Luverene. It was a grand day of fishing. Granny gave us a guilt trip for not cleaning them so we cleaned and fileted them. Day was good, very good, see pics....

Oh, the gas station sign is a sign I pass almost everyday a few miles from my house... I think it sums up American capitalism, and is funny...


mullinz8 said...

I guess God bought the boat..?

Just kidding!

It sounds like a blast, you guys are looking good with your fishiness in hand. You ate the fish too, right? You can’t fish and not eat the catch.

Nice to see the pics of you guys.

Jamison said...

i brought the boat... and left it there.

havent eaten the catch, but there is no shame in catching and releasing.

I will pick up the fine meat next time i go to luverne and make a hearty soup with it.

bigsip said...

Twas my boat you saw.

It's in Luverne now. We didn't have time to eat the fish since we had to ready ourselves for the music making!

We had been fishing for 4 hours and had just made it back in time for Mom's wonderful baked ham and some fresh homegrown potatoes, butterbeans, turnips, peas, etc.

It was one of the finest days I'd had in a long time!

mullinz8 said...

Note to self: If I should ever have to take a family hostage for some reason, make sure to take Sippers. Not only will they feed me like a king but they will most likely forgive me after everything is over, even if it is in a hail of bullets.

Again it sounds like a great time.

I agree there is no shame is catch and release. I’d love to go fishing again someday to give the little boogers something to think about and hope they accept God’s grace into their life because the frying pan will be a blessing compared to what else could be waiting on them.

You guys are living like kings down there. Does everyone in Montgomery go fishing in the middle of the day and spend all night picking and grinning? If that’s the case then I’ll deal with the horrid traffic and ugly and we’ll move back!

bigsip said...

Come on down!

In my mind, my parents' place is like the town of Spectre in the movie Big Fish. People are kind, the food is awesome, everything's relaxed and pretty, and you don't want to leave.

I do hope all of you can come down there some day.