Monday, February 25, 2008

The homophobic grocery shopper

Have you seen this guy? He is shopping at the grocery store, alone. Which, in and of itself is not strange. I do it often to avoid having to take the whole family to go grocery shopping, let the child finish a nap, get something off my weekly list, etc...

Apparently, though, there are some men that think that by pushing the grocery cart from the back, that this somehow makes them appear effeminate. So, rather than run the risk of total strangers whom he will never see again thinking that he is gay, he either pulls the cart from the front (And do his shopping as though he were a donkey pulling a wagon) or he will hold the side of the buggy and push it that way, as if his invisible wife is really pushing the cart and he is just "hanging there".

Men, there are handles on the back of grocery carts for a reason. Root word being "HAND". I don't know when or where men got the idea that walking behind the cart was effeminate. If anything, it is masculine in a sexual way that I will not type here.

However, I kind of sympathize with these men, I remember thinking one day, while shopping by myself (must have been in the early days of marriage?) that I felt strange pushing the cart. I have no idea why, but I felt weird, and I may even had succumbed to the art of pulling the cart, but I got over that pretty quickly.

Brewster's Comment
For whatever reason the carts around here have minds of their own. The wheels are super greased or something and they turn super easy. What I mean to say is that they turn around too easily so that I often find the handles of the cart slipping away and all there is to grab is the side or the front.

That doesn't make any sense, but its true. The carts move super fast and turn all over the place. Thus I become your 'homophobic' grocery shopper. For me it has nothing to do with manhood, but just where the cart winds up sometimes.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know, I didn't see it as homophobic. From the looks of the picture, he may get to where he is going faster by using the bike.