Thursday, February 14, 2008

Does anyone out there still like Star Wars?

Lucas has ruined his own baby. If anyone out there still has respect for the franchise, please reply...

Brew Here: Still can't comment properly so I'm injecting my points into the original post. I think most of us old school fans have pretty much given up on Lucas and Star Wars. He keeps milking his cash cow and ruining most of it.

Still I will always treasure what Star Wars gave me as a kid and cross my fingers that any new projects will shed a little of that original glow back down upon us. Looking at the trailer for this new thing I'm given a little more hope. It looks pretty cool, actually, and that's enough to get me into theatres.


jamesb said...

It may as well be all CG. The last 3 star wars movies were pretty much that way anyway, save for the handful of live actors.

Seems something is lost now days in special effects.

Diana said...

Yeah, I hate CG effects. Everything looked so much better with makeup and costumes.

I am and will always be a faithful Star Wars follower. There are two kinds of geeks: Star Wars geeks and LOTR geeks.

mullinz8 said...

CG is here to stay, I think this looks great.