Monday, February 25, 2008

emergency funion

So it wasn’t as last as it could have been but it was late enough to realize that the next day wasn’t going to be too much fun.

Caleb was at the grandparents and Isaac was continuing the second day of a low but very even fever. Jules and I decided it was time to visit the ER, Isaac had had some meds that helped but the cough was continuing to nag.

I need to state very clearly I am not a hospital person. It’s not that I am afraid or even bothered by them, more to the point I don’t see much need for then in the general function of my world. If you’re sick you need to go see a doctor, in most situations it’s all very worthwhile to tend your co-pay and sit in the doctor’s office for a while. Other than that I don’t think most situations of really in need of seeing a doctor through an emergency room. The guy who cuts off his finger on accident, he should go to the ER.

My sick little boy shouldn’t feel so bad. Still, he did and I consented, carried him to the car and we were off. At this point I should state that Julie IS a hospital person, I have tried to break her of this ideological position and there are times when I think I’ve pulled her into my camp. Then there are other times when depending on the perfect situations maybe it’s worth sitting in a room full of people who are covered in sick bugs.

Once there Jules and I sign in, actually she signs in, she’s the hospital person, this is her world, she’s in the concerned-mother-taking-her-baby-to-the-hospital- zone. I carry Isaac one of the few open chairs, its 9pm. This is another problem I have with going to the ER; it’s a pain and never when I want to go. I would rather wait until I’m more rested to have to deal with the whole thing.

Now that we’re here there is the host of usual suspects, very young couple with very sick and snotty kid (been there, done that), old folks without their lower set of dentures, college aged kid who looks like he’s punched a brick wall, clutching his hand, and a variety of folks who though I can’t say look like they feel bad but certainly look like they are less than thrilled with life in general.

After an hour we get back to fill out some papers, Isaac’s name is in fact Isaac, he is generally healthy and we are in fact legal American citizens of Earth. Julie, again, shines.

Back in the chairs Isaac continues to lay down and generally droops about, it is of course well past his bed time, I’m not expecting him to be doing jumping jacks. He does look a bit more awake though and as he sits up he starts looking around his sickly majesty states he’s hungry.

I do a quick analysis of his situation and decide even with a sore throat he could stand some sort of something and with him feeling bad I was willing to concede to his whims. After realizing the café was actually closed though the gate was up I got some change and marched back across the hospital to the vending machines. Funions were the requested snack and the machine seemed ready to help.

Here is the thing. When my family is feeling bad I’ll do anything in the world for them but what I saw before me was almost the breaking point. It was quickly reaching the edge of being late, I was bored, Isaac wasn’t feeling great and there in front of me was one of the great injustices of the world. For seventy five cents I could purchase a bag of chips, not a substitute chee-toe bag but the actual Funion chips/rings my sick child wanted. Everything was perfect except for the extra space in front of the row. The first slot was empty, the second slot held the Funions. I imagined some kid (who would have been me once) standing there beating the crap out of the machine to get the once first slot of chips to fall, that punk has shorted me almost 3/4th of an extra dollar. I feel bad admitting I stood there and considered getting the second choice chee-toes just so I wouldn’t have to waste another three-quarter dollar. In the end I relented and realized my son was worth it. In fact if I needed to I would have dropped every last dime and dollar I had to get the boy what he wanted.

A short time later I marched back with a small bag of Funions. In no time, with a bit of food in his belly Isaac started to feel better and we decided it was time to head towards the house. Isaac beat the fever the next day and he saw his usual doctor again. He’s had a quick succession of illnesses and hasn’t completely shaken the last one yet but I am happy to report no one has had to visit the emergency room since.

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Jamison said...

The hospital for a fever? Isnt that was Tylenol is for? Or was he vomitting uncontrolably, unable to pee, or fainting?

I mean, of you werent white, speoke good english, and toll, I would have just assumed yall were illegals going to the illegal imigrant doctor office, known as "the emergency room"