Monday, February 11, 2008

High Fashion

I don't buy fashion magazines often. They're expensive and so is the clothing in them. However, it's an occasional guilty pleasure I enjoy. Last Saturday night Charlie and I went to Blockbuster to rent a movie. We were waiting in line, looking at the candy and magazines. Suddenly, I got the urge to buy an issue of Elle magazine. The cover boasted that inside were all the newest spring trends, Jennifer Garner in a post-baby interview, and hints for organizing your life. "That sounds exciting," I said to myself. I haven't splurged on myself in a while and I could use a relaxing night mulling over fashion tips. So I picked it up.

I spent Saturday night flipping through the magazine, looking at the newest shoes, reading about new DNA testing, wondering if the latest beauty treatments really worked. Sunday after church, I picked it up again to read the Jennifer Garner article.

"With a brand new baby and a brand new movie Catch and Release, Jennifer Garner is...."

Hold the phone. Brand new movie? That movie's a year old! What in the world? I turned to the front of the magazine to check the date. January 2007. The stinking magazine was over a year old!

Well of course I took it back. I mean, that's just ludicrous. Over a year old? I was all ready to go out and buy metallic sandals. Can you imagine?


Jamison said...

Though it was a year old, the sex tips that I am sure that magazine had were no doubt useful, topical, and perhaps even had a fun, easy to take quiz that ended with a group of numbers that identified you in some general category.

Diana said...

(Reply also sent to Jamie via Myspace:)

I even picked this magazine because the cover had little mention of sex tips. I hate that stuff. It's always the same stuff.

P.S. The movie we were renting was Across the Universe, which was by no means a perfect flick, but I enjoyed it immensely.

kermitgrn said...

Hah-ha-hah-ha. Thhat was funny. Thanks for sharing.

mullinz8 said...

I hear that sex never goes out of style, I would think those things might work just the same