Thursday, October 19, 2006

Our Hands

Last night in Wednesday night class, we studied a passage in 1 Samuel 23 that really got me thinking about you guys. I am ashamed I haven't been like this and I want to do better. The passage (v16) reads:

Jonathan, Saul's son, arose, and went to David into the woods, and strengthened his hand in God.

If you know anything about David and Jonathan, you realize that they were friends of a kind that is rarely found in the world. They loved each other so much that they would risk death, loss of a kngdom, and family for each other. In this passage, for instance, Jonathan leaves his father, Saul, who has pursued David to the death. He goes to his own father's enemy to strengthen him.

I want to strengthen you guys. Sometimes, like in recent posts, I become frustrated because I see things I feel might be a threat to our spiritual well-being. Why I latch onto one thing and not another and when I do, I don't know. But, I do. And I usually become so impassioned about whatever it is that I just wind up sounding like a jerky know-it-all.

But, I do it in an attempt to strengthen the hand of you men of God. Unfortunately, I miss the mark more often than not. But, I'm trying to be better. I hope we can all be like David and Jonathan and strengthen each other in God. I love your souls. Just know that I'll never stop trying and I'll try to be more understanding, open-minded, and humble, my dear brothers.


Jamison said...

I've read Samuel in my life a few times, and everytime, the friendship of David and Jonathan stands out so much each time I read it, like it is new!

If you are the end of a book you are reading and haven't gone out to buy a new book yet, read I samuel if, for no other reason, then to read about the friendship between D and J!

Brewster said...

We just finnished up a study of 1,2 Samuel. Good stuff.

Sipper there are no hard feelings on this end. I love our conversations and I think they often sharpen my spirituality.

I love that we can have very deep discussions on religions and shallow chats about Harry Potter. I even enjoy heated discussions on the meaning of art, even though it is the same discussions a million others are having in first year art classes.

mullinz8 said...

Some days I feel like I know a good bit about life, other days I’m sure I know crap, still I try and open up my perspective to see as much as I can, this blog helps.