Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Blogging is Sinful

The Church of God apparently believes blogging to be evil and details why in this article.

They make a couple of good points similar to Jamisons on avoiding nasty predators, but then veer off into insanity - blogging is evil because it is filled with idle chatter, um what?

There is also some nut-job stuff on different Christian eras that will either make you cry or laugh out loud.

Go ahead, read it. I dare ya.


Jamison said...

The "idle chatter" part made me laugh out loud. They invent more sins than we do! Sweet!

Jamison said...

dont forget the vanity we are expressing when we blog things like "I dont like the security gaurd at my office."

Mullins! You vane son of a....

bigsip said...

Folks scared of technology simply because there are some bad things associated with it are lame.

But, I still think it's bad to drive and talk on the phone :)

Jamison said...

i like the part in the article about bordum... it is sinful because you blog when you are bored...

Brewster said...

I also like how the only legitimate reason to blog is for business purposes.

blogging about your favorite TV show - bad

blogging about what you did today - bad

blogging to make more money - good

that's christian of them.

Brewster said...

what's bad is I can see some members of the church saying similar things.

bigsip said...

I think you just have to overlook the ignorance of some folks and continue to live a free life.

I hate to think about my brothers and sisters in an accusatory way. So, I just let the ignorance of some pass and disregard it. I can't change them or their ideas. Only they can do that.

So, I won't stress over it.

Ryan F. said...

I agree with a lot of what he says about kids having inappropriate things on websites and blogs. But for him to say that anyone that has a blog is wrong, he is an idiot who probably couldn't get his own blog up and running.

Brewster said...

Absolutely there is a lot of inappropriate material out there. Crap get a myspace acount and you'll see all of their ads are nothing but half naked women, but all of that is where Jamisons advice comes in.

Pay attention to your kids.

But blogging seems like a great tool when used properly, not an outright sin.

bigsip said...

There are lots of ministers (especially youth ministers) who have blogs and use them to communicate with the youth.

They can be a great tool for teaching, communication, etc.

The guy who wrote that article is trying to throw the baby out with the bathwater. He's posting it online after all and the internet was getting people one-way tickets to Hell when it first popped-up.

So, he's obviously missing something.

Jamison said...

good point sip... isnt his article, in essence, what our blog is...?

mullinz8 said...

I think the guy is missing the point, as we’ve discussed these devices that have seized our entire existence are just tools. If a child has “inappropriate” material on their website, it’s their own fault and then the fault of the parent and supporting community for not knowing enough about the child to have taught them a little in the way of humility.

There are a lot of sad things in the world and those people who would prey on children are the worst but being able to deflect those types of people comes with instruction and guidance from concerned parents and good friends be they church folk or informed computer technicians.

One of my favorite parts explained how self expression was pointless because it was idol talk. I guess painting and writing are useless acts too, I mean the results of such activities also provoke some sort of emotion from the viewer.

Because this nut is taking things to an extreme I think I will too. Our entire life is supposed to be devoted to God, no matter what we’re doing, that being said we should all strive to be doing something for and in service to God. I hope that you are all Christian in good standing with your savior because your job is going to send you to Hell. Ryan and Brew, of course, being excused from eternal torment due to their chosen employment and lack there of.

Sometimes it’s easy to throw stones from the pulpit because you’re not leading a life that’s just like everyone else’s. I think this guy is leading that life. He’s so far out of the cycle of everyone else that all he can see is where others are making mistakes. I noticed that he didn’t offer any solution either. Maybe his holier than thou congregation could offer a nightly get together for the youth group or perhaps begin a youth centered online ministry, if your youth minister is your online friend and you know he’s going to be checking up on you every so often you might not be a tempted to post your thoughts on how delicious Sally Mae’s tits would be.

I am glad to know that despite all the evils in the world the writer is letting a group of church leaders do something about it rather than taking the mantel of responsibility himself.

I think ryan is right, either he couldn’t get his own blog moving or no one wants to be his friend.

What a moron.