Thursday, June 15, 2006

Well, he finally did it.

Chuck left yesterday. He, Jodi, and Alexandra were slated to stay with us last night, but got their packing finished in plenty of time to head on down to Florida.

I remember coming back from Summer Break in, I believe it was 95/96 and finding that Chuck was gone from Faulkner. He was the first of us boys to "leave". Then, he was married. Another first.

Now he's really gone and it's weird.

I saw him at lunch yesterday and we talked a bit. He seemed a little sad, but the great joy of moving close to family made it seem not to exist. But, I know the feeling. You're so happy to take on the new life, but you mourn the pasing of what you left, even if it's in some small way.

In any case, Chuck and his family are in for a great adventure now and I think they'd appreciate our prayers. And with that, I'll once again wish them Godspeed...


Jamison said...

1st to leave faulkner, (perhaps the first of us to arrive!), first to get a real house (I think), first to get married, first to have a real REAL job, etc...
i miss the b@stard already.

bigsip said...

I was at FU before him, but he came the next year, I believe.

I miss him, too, man. I was a little sad they didn't wind up staying with us last night, but it's good in a way since I'll remember the last smoke night we all had as a true high point in our friendship and life as a whole.

We needn't say "goodbye", though. Only "till we see you again".

I feel like I'm delivering a eulogy or something...geez!