Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Forget Freelance...I've Got a Job!

I have a job…ok so the freelance idea was a good crutch, but apparently not what God had in mind. This is however, the job I mentioned the other day.

I will be working for the state at the Okaloosa County Health Department as a Systems Administrator. Pray for me (and the county); I’m going to have 150 users. I’ll have assistance from higher-ups for a short time, and then I will be involved in hiring an assistant.

Here’s the strange thing. My first interview was my last day at AP. My second interview was today at 1:30 (exactly one week after we pack up the house). I got a call from them at about 4:30 as I’m writing an e-mail to a guy at Lockheed Martin asking for his help on another job.

I’m going to need to refresh my brain a bit, before I hit the ground. Luckily, I will have to go through a security screening before they can officially hire me. It could be as many as 3 weeks before I’m actually working. Hopefully that will be enough time to “brush up” a little and do a little fishing with old friends.

I’ll be going down there first thing tomorrow morning to fill out some paperwork and such.

I’m soooo excited. God is awesome! I kept praying He would make things work out perfectly, and He made everything work out better than I had imagined.

How’s Thomas doing btw? Does he have that job yet? I hope so, I’ve been praying a lot for him as well.

I’ll let you know more as I know it.

Hey Jamison, can I call you if I get in a pinch?


kermitgrn said...

Oh and Rach...hopefully you'll be getting more overflow from AP now.

Jamison said...

of course you can call me if you are in a pinch, but I only know so much... you get to hire an assistant with 150 users? ANd Im stuck with 1,200 kids, 150 adults and 300 computers.. alone, geez! No fair!

Indeed, congradulations!
When you coming back up for a men's night? I never really gave you an official good-bye.

Brewster said...

Big Congrats! That's awesome man!

bigsip said...

Who's Thomas?

Congrats, man!!!

I knew something would come through soon.

You had many prayers going up, so the blessings were bound to descend.

Keep us up-to-date on your happenings and your next visit up here!

kermitgrn said...

Thomas?....oops. I had written and e-mail to Jim at work I reused the e-mail to write the blog. I meant to delete that before I posted.

Wanna come work for me Jamison? You might get a raise.

Oh and 2 other cool things about the job. Since it's with the state, my families insurance is paid in full. I'm also not taking a pay cut. God is soooooo good. All this when I wasn't even reallly looking. He had me taken care of without me even knowing it.

bigsip said...

That's AWESOME man!

State benefits are very good. If you hang with them till retirement, you'll be in really good shape.

Started your church hunt yet?

bigsip said...

OK...who screwed up our sidebar with the extra code???

Please make it fit or remove...

bigsip said...

OK, nm, I fixed it. Just set the size in the code to 200x200...

Rachel said...

Charles!!! That's awesome! What an answer to prayers. State jobs are great. Good insurance and lots of holidays.

And I won't mind the extra work (aka cash) from AP either!

Jamison said...

Dunno if I want to move, but thanks for the job offer my friend of friends.

bigsip said...

You should hire him as a consultant. Have the state of Florida pay for travel, vacations, etc.

He could consult from hom by phone/email/fax...

Sweet deal...

Brewster said...

Sorry about the screwed up coding. I was playing this morning before work and had to go before I fixed it. The map is from frapr, it’s a specialty google site that uses google maps. Basically it’s a way for friends or common users to tell each other where they live. You can include a picture and a quick little blurb. They’re kind of fun. Of course they do pretty much tell any potential bad guys where you live, providing them with a picture and your name as well.

My name is pretty much out there all ready, so I don’t mind. The rest of you, if you want to use it might think about disguising your name or something. Or if you want we can kill it all together. I just thought it was cool.

bigsip said...

No prob on the coding, Brew.

It was an easy fix.

I like it and hope all the guys and gals put their info up!

bigsip said...

Hey, Chuck. Does this new job mean that Rachel might get Discovery, too?

Just wondering. I think she'd like doing it if you aren't.

kermitgrn said...

Discovery is mine for the time being...Sorry I'm a bit selfish over that one. It's been my baby in some form or fashion for about 8 years (although it was only 1 year ago that I actually start designing from beginning to end). I've always been the person that would approve or reject a particular design element.

I tell you what though. AP and I are on a 6 month trial. If things don't seem to be working out I'll tell AP to give Rachel a test issue. I'll look it over and make recommendations. BTW: I get $500 per issue but that includes looking for and purchasing images for the journal. It takes me about 2 1/2 days per issue cover and all.

bigsip said...


Like I said, just curious. Just didn't know how much this new job would affect your time for other projects and such.

I think Rachel will be happy with whatever else they give her.

The test issue idea's a good one.

But, I hope you can stick with AP in at least some small way. It will keep you connected somewhat with the business.