Sunday, June 11, 2006

Resolution to the "Name that Company" Game

For anyone who cares...I've decided to name my company (drum roll)

Lasting Graphics

The beauty is, both of these URLs were available:

I could not believe it. The other great thing is there is not a company in all of Florida named Lasting Graphics. I don't say this often because I fear I may wrongfully give creadit. But, I believe God had a hand in this. I don't know how he did it or why he waited to help me with the name, but I'm glad he did. Keep praying for me (and thanks for the past and future prayers); I've got a long road ahead.

I'm excited. MORE TO COME!

Oh, and check out my graphic...


bigsip said...


I like it, man.

We'll keep praying!

Jamison said...

i think the logo looks very cool. how did you come up with the name?

Brewster said...

Very cool very cool.

kermitgrn said...

I just kept scribbling notes as I thought of domain names (some I liked some were just ok). On my most recent list, Lasting Graphics was my favorite. Both words were 2 syllables and rolled off the tongue together nicely. I really did not think it would be available when I wrote it down, but I had been surprised before by other domain names I had typed in and later rejected. By the way I also own (not that i'm using them):

NEEDTECHNOW.COM (anyone want to buy this one?)