Sunday, June 11, 2006

Chinese Christians

As most of you know, my sister along with her husband and much of his family are in China. Officially they are there as English teachers, but unofficially they are missionaries, teaching the Word to the Chinese.

It is illegal for Christians to worship outside of officially controlled Protestant churches. It is also against the law for foreigners to specifically mention Christianity to any Chinese unless they are asked about the religion.

Unofficially, the government generally overlooks any missionary movement due to the countries need of English teachers. As long as my sister and others do their teaching quietly, they have not been bothered.

Recently a worship service in a private home was raided by the Chinese police. They detained 28, and took their Bibles and notebooks. Many of these people were released after paying a $200 fine. Others are still being held, and names have not been released. There are some reports that the preacher of that congregation has been beaten severely.

All of this took place in Shanghai, the city where my sister currently lives. Please keep her and that family in your prayers. The work has never been without danger, but it appears things may get worse very soon.

My sister and her husband are coming back to the states this summer for about two months. However, they are planning to return to China and keep up the work there. Please continue to pray not only for their safety, but that the work may continue there.


Anonymous said...

hey!! i think that is awesome that ur family is trying to bring Christianity to china, that is sooo awesome!!!

if u ever feel doubtful, always know that God has everything happen for a reason, always trust in Him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jamison said...

these dangers make their work more worth-while. to tuck-tail and run would be a sign of a weak christian, they are strong it appears.

bigsip said...

That's scary, man.

I know her husband's brother and wife left due to a combination him being questioned heavily by the police and his wife's heart problems (probably exacerbated by the stress of questioning).

Missionary work is not for everyone. I'm glad that your sister and bil can do it and keep doing it.

We should pray for their safety.