Thursday, March 02, 2006

Hey Everybody, It's the Comment Game

Poking around on blogger, I found that for sometime we have been moderating our comments. What this means is we had our setting set so that anyone could make a comment, but some comments got tagged as "unknown" and were promptly thrown into a queue. These comments should have been reviewed and then either published or thrown out. Apparently no one did this. So, we had several comments pending for several months. Below you will find them in all of their unadulterated glory. Try to guess which post they were originally supposed to go.

Not that I don’t trust you guys and love you to death but I took this to the next level today. I spent over an hour talking to the preacher at Highland View and have come to some conclusions.

First of all, Jamison this guy is not the one who was there on your last visit. Curtis McClane is from MI and an excellent preacher and very knowledgeable.

Curtis was very supportive and encouraged me to understand that the people who would knit pick an eldership and music were most likely not the people who something as innovative would click with.

He made a comment that groups operate without the guidance of an eldership all over the place are very accepted within the body of the church. He had done some research on the folks at GBN and knew many of them. At one point he stated, “Matt, I wasn’t going to say anything because this was something you needed to know on your own but I don’t think you would have had a good long term experience with those guys anyway.” He further alluded to the fact that anything I did for them would be under their complete control and subject to their subjective opinions on what they think is right. This train of thought ended on the idea that the GBN guys believe that they are the ones holding the knowledge of salvation and if you don’t do it their way, you’re going to be lost.

On the subject of music Curtis recalled a recent study done through out a number of c.o.C universities. Some five colleges were surveyed on a number of topics relating to various teaching of the c.o.C, over 70% of the students polled considered instrumental music a non issue in their worship. He followed that with more signs of this attitude stating that some c.o.C’s are featuring special activities that are not part of the assembly where music is incorporated or supported. He mentioned rock bands for youth groups and functions and I thought of bluegrass pickers (wink).

WE covered a lot of topics from balancing the doctrine of the multi-faith TBN beside my own walk and how I can eventually begin directing viewers to local congregations within the c.o.C. In the end he was totally supportive of using real music and following any network that would be willing to show the program irregardless of the featured mission having an eldership to lead them.

He saw how much this whole thing was taxing me and we closed with a great supportive prayer. So Thursday morning I’ll be off to Nashville to meet with Healing Hands International. If all goes well I’ll have a tentative agreement to go somewhere and shoot something for God.

Posted by mmullinz8 to Midnight Cafe Discussions at 1/25/2006 08:58:30 PM

Did you know rock climbing was actually an exhibition sport at this year's Winter Olympics?

If that ever made it into the Olympics as a sport, it would be very cool to watch!

Every time I hear the word curling in respect to sports, I picture women sword fighting with hot curling irons. Must be residual issues I haven't worked out since burning myself as a young teenager trying to rid herself of straight hair.

Posted by Lisa to Midnight Cafe Discussions at 2/21/2006 06:14:27 PM

You should sign up for some Rexkwando.

Posted by Ryan F. to Midnight Cafe Discussions at 1/10/2006 11:54:18 AM

Hey Josh, Jay from WD boards, I have seen and heard this over and over again. I was born and raised in Detroit Michigan and went to mixed schools and churches.

It pains me to see that society still harbors their single mindedness when it comes to inter-racial dating/marriage.

I myself have been in several inter-racial relationships and was often asked in a very rude way, "Why her, she's not white?" this would upset me extremely.

People would look at me like i was nuts for doing it. I just can't figure out why people have to be so stupid. I believe that it's liek they say love is blind and people should let a little thing like color stop them from enjoying the sensation of Love.

With any luck society will wake up soon.

Posted by J.A. Barnes to Midnight Cafe Discussions at 1/19/2006 05:49:44 PM

Sometimes the strongest, most persuasive preaching is done without uttering a word.

Living the fruits of the spirit are much harder than trying to get someone else to take a bite of one!

Posted by Lisa to Midnight Cafe Discussions at 2/21/2006 06:24:02 PM

Some people are going to hate what you're doing because you're doing it via video. Others will hate it because its on TV and not just some old fart reading his Bible. No matter what you do some folks will say its rotten and even heretical.

At my folks church, years ago, a minister got slammed because he used a video in worship that had some instrumental background music. It was CofC produced and they were doing just exactly what you're talking about, but some thought it was wrong.

What exactly are you producing again? TV show right? Drama? I forget the details. With instrumental music some churches won't touch it. Many others will though. Some just for a bible class, others for help in worship once in awhile.

Use what fits best, if that includes instruments go for it. Unless its a worship show then I'd say its fine. Just out of curiosity how will you pay/obtain instrumental fill?

Posted by midnitcafe to Midnight Cafe Discussions at 1/24/2006 07:04:02 PM


bigsip said...

At least two of those foks are from the WD site! Cool!

Thanks for making the changes, Brew!

Ryan F. said...

Mine was in response to the story about Stubbs wife and the run in with the crazy chic at the Disney store she worked at. Napolean reference there.

Jamison said...

Lisa must be one of em....

Jamison said...

i dont like the comment game...

bigsip said...

Come on spoiled sport...

Yeah, Lisa's one of them. She's a very nice freelancer from Arizona (or is it New Mexico?). Anyway, I'm glad outside folks can post now. I think we'll have a good spam filter this way, too.

Jamison said...

i just hope the annoying anti-spam measure doesnt deter some of us from commenting...

bigsip said...

Doesn't deter me. Only takes a second to type it in...

Diana said...

>>Mine was in response to the story about Stubbs wife and the run in with the crazy chic at the Disney store she worked at. Napolean reference there.

Why do I not remember what this is referring to?

Jamison said...

it must deter someone... there hasnt been a comment in 3 days...

maybe it was the weekend...

Lisa said...

Wow - so nice to be included. It's nice to see the commaraderie among you folks!

I'm actually from Albuquerque, New Mexico, but it's fine to refer to me from anywhere. Makes me feel like I've travelled around more than I have!

Brewster said...

You're welcome to comment here often, Lisa. This post is old enough that no one will be checking it, or responding to you here. But the most current posts are checked, rechecked and obsessively checked again for new comments. So feel free to say anything you like there.