Friday, March 24, 2006

Found Him

So get this, I just talked with Stephen Elrod!

After planning our trip and searching for the yahoo for a while out of the blue I got an email from him. Using the source of his email address I track him down, find a number and call to see if he’s there. Moments later I was connected to a deadpan and classically flat “hello…”

The story goes like this. He was having some money issues because he wasn’t able to find any theater work and that put a much larger strain on him than he figured. Around a year or so ago he had a bit of a breakdown and was invited, or told to, to move in with his sister in north GA.

For a while he got pretty sick ended up losing about 70 lbs dropping to around 230ish.

He’s continued to have a rough time finding work and seemingly staying somewhat stable. Currently he’s working at the Birmingham Aids Outreach center in AL around 30 hours a week.

I can only guess where this experience has taken him, from our talk and the one thing that I’m sure of is after 30 minutes of talking to the guy I think he could use a few emails and maybe a call or two of support, prays are the required bare minimum.

He seems to be doing well for the most part but there is a current under the surface of his voice that’s very ragged and torn up.


bigsip said...


Man, Stephen has been ragged for a while now. When I last saw him a couple of years back before he left the theatre, he was really hating life.

Prayers shall ascend, my friend. I'll shoot him and email, too.

Brewster said...

I killed his digits in this post just because its never that great an idea to have that stuff hanging out in cycberspace. I did save them so if anyone needs them e-mail me.

Jamison said...

good idea brew... at least put his email address up, with a NOSPAM attached to it...

like (remove NOSPAM)

Anonymous said...

Wow... speaking of doing web search for a guy, and you find the most random info.

Jamison, my name's Justin Hill, and you probably won't remember me, but I was at Faulkner from '97-99, in Kappa, Pied Pipers, and did some Dinner Theatre as well. Anyway, I see you had spoken with Elrod here in 2006, was wondering if you had heard from/talked to him since. Or if you still have his contact info, can you e-mail it to me at (taking a cue from a previous comment. HA!). Thanks in advance.