Monday, May 07, 2007

Fret (a 4-letter word)

I learned a lesson today. I was all worked up because I have a "test" at work coming up where I have to restore files and programs from back-up and then mak sure they work. Enter a program known as CENTRAX that our Environment Health folks use for accounting (one of 2 I will have to restore). It's a home grown program that works as a database and reporting program for the work they do. I was planning on having the CENTRAX admin come to the test and fix it for me after the restore was done. I found out late last week that she would be in another state one vacation that day. Literally, this morning I was all worried about my test and this program that I could feel my chest tightening.

Today I managed to catch up with her and talk it over. I decided to do a pretest test. I restored the folder from back-up to an alternate location on a separate server. No problems (I was not expecting any). Then I walk over to see the CENTRAX administrator to see what came next. She tested the data entry part and it worked like a charme. Next she started showing me a few files that needed to point to that folder. That's it?!?!? I was all worked up about that?!?!? It took me all of 15 minutes (if you don't count the 5 minutes I stared at the server while it restored the data)

Just goes to show you how you can easily turn the unknown into dread. Now who's up for "FreeSolo" rock climbing?


Mat Brewster said...

Sorry if I'm hijacking your post, Charles, but it kind of fits in.

Yesterday I had dinner with some former coworkers. One of them has a position opening up at the financial aid dept of IU. He doesn't do the hiring, but has some sway, so I just applied.

Another position at the place I'm about to be fired from is opening up and my boss agreed to put in a good word.

We just sent the application to China and all things look good there. Should here from them soon.

Talked to some friends in France and they are coming back to the states this summer. The positions they held will be opening up so they are seeing what they can do to land us that position.

Amy got a call today from her professor at IU and was offered a lecture job. It's basically the same thing she was doing as a student - teaching beginer classes for little pay, but it's a good fall back.

So we went from nothing to a whole lot of potential fast.

Thanks be to God.

Now if we could just get some offers and make a decision.

So see it sort of fits, we were very stressed and now things seem to be promising.

kermitgrn said...

After I posted I started thinking maybe I should say something about you and Amy's situation. The way I see it, I was fretting about something that I just had no knowledge of and was affraid it could be hard or make me look bad if I did not comprehend. You guys are facing possible relocation, total loss of pay, and true unknowns; whereas, mine was easily remidied by just asking a few simple questions. I guess my point should have been I'm worrying about squat when people around the world are facing much bigger obsticles and problems. I am happy to hear about the possiblities on your horizon. I'm sure we will all keep up those prayers.

Jamison said...

I worry and "die a thousand deaths" on a regular basis. Well less now than I used to. But at work, if I am asked to meet with the headmaster for some unknown reason, all I can think about is some recent minor events that someone MAY have complained about. I go through scenerio after scenerio with things I am going to say to defend myself, excuses, trying to get him on my side, etc...

I walk into his office and he will say "so, wanna go to lunch?" then I will think we are going to have a lunch meeting about something serious... turns out, the most serious question ends up being "everything going good?"

Along the same lines as Chucks last comment, I know how he feels. Larissa and I were going over and over in our head in September about getting Serius radio. Cost would have been about $500 (that included the unit, installation, and a year of service.) As I was doing my research and driving from one stero shop to another, it hit me... One of my best friends is about to lose his job. He has 2 children and his wife is a stay at home mom. And here I am trying to find the best way to blow 500 bucks.

I took my wife to lunch and we agreed that we would not waste $500 on what would have been a very cool thing to have in the car. Josh's situation at that time put the vcalue of our dollar into perspective.