Friday, May 18, 2007

The art (and workmanship) of Kellie-J

Kellie J... if you know her, you love her. if you don't know her, you've no doubt heard tales of her and you feel like you know her.

She is, as some of you know, in a tough situation now. It is unfair and shouldn't be happening to as nice a person as her. But never the less, she is in it.

THis situation prevents her from being near a computer, much less an internet connection. Whats worse is that she can only go home to see her husband for a few days at a time. Sounds like jail, but it isn't. Though she may describe it as something close to that.

This post is not to describe her situation. It is hers and I leave it up to her to decide who knows about it and who doesn't (In any case, please pray for her, she is a good soul and a sweet girl).

Due to the situation she is in she has forced herself to stay busy (for her sanity). And this week she decided to start BUILDING (Yes, I said BUILDING) a toy box for her nephew. Well, she succeeded in less than a week. And of course it had to be painted. If you know KellieJ you know she is a good artist with a very original style. The paintings had no reference points. They are shaped simply out of her idea of the nursery rhymes. She sent them to my email via her cell phone and I asked her if I could share them with the cafe... enjoy (and click for larger images)


lilsip said...

That is by far the most beautiful toybox I've ever seen. The artwork is stunning. Has she ever thought about illustrating children's books? I don't think she would have any trouble at all getting published. Beautiful work.

Jamison said...

Kellie is a great artist and a great web designer... but sadly, she puts none of them to financial use, which may be the sign of a true artist... too pround to sell their work. I will text her your compliment, itll make her feel good

Jamison said...

ironically, I sent kellie a text telling her what you said, Rachel, and she said she is thinking more about sending her portfolio out to people, but she doesnt know where to start. Said she would like to make a living doing art like that.

I kind of envy her art. Very little of what I have ever done or do is off the top of my head. If I have a picture or can see it, i can ussually make some impression of the object, but I cant (like Kellie can) just come up with images out of my head and put them to canvas. I can with cartoons sometimes, but more often than not I need a reference.

For the record my Hippos are all from my mind.

lilsip said...

Point her to Artist's Market. Also there's one for Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.

Artist's Market can keep her busy while she can't get on a computer! You can get lost in that book.

bigsip said...


Chris said...

I agree this is absolutely amazing. I know several folks who would love to have a box like this for their kids or just art to hang in their kids rooms. For that matter, most of what I have seen from Kellie could go up on your wall in your house. The girls good!