Monday, May 21, 2007

The Brewster's Are Going To China

We got the offer to go to China today. We will accept tomorrow. We have to be there early August.

Holy Crap!

We have talked about this for so long now it is unbelievable that it is actually happening now. It feels a little like we’re being whisked along without much control. When I sent our resumes I just wanted to see what would happen, or how we would react if we got a response. Then we got a response and now and offer, and I can’t think of what else we would do, so we go.

I’m really excited, and incredibly nervous.

There is so much to do, too. We have to get work Visas. Amy has to have her dissertation proposal approved. I plan to sell most of our furniture and haven’t the slightest idea how much to ask for anything, or how to even go about it. My dad says he can store anything else. We have a car to sell, insurance to obtain, packing to do….and more things I can even imagine at the moment.

China. Unbelievable.


Jamison said...

well, one thing in your favor... youve done this before as far as the going to live overseas goes...

ma ma hu hu means "So so" in chinese.

Congrats my friend. For some reason I am a bit sad that youll be leaving the country as if we saw each other on a regular basis. I cant imagine that I will miss you more when you are over there than when you were here, but if it is anything like France, youll blog alot more and itll feel like you are actually closer by oddly.

Mat Brewster said...

Thanks. For sure I will be blogging. Brian seems to keep it up everyday so I should be fine. Though I will definitely have to work in some capacity and will not be the man of leisure I was in France.

CL said...

Wow! Congrats Mat. This is awesome. What an amazing opportunity for you guys!

kermitgrn said...

Congrats man. I've wanted to go to China myself, but not for an extended period of time. How long do you think this journey will last?

Oh and don't trust Jamison's Chinese. When we've gone to Chinese restaurants the servers always looks at him funny when he tries to speak their language.

Mat Brewster said...

Thanks. Apparently Shanghai has it's own little dialect and accent, so I'll be ignoring Jamison's advice completely :)

We will definitely stay one year, and possible do a second depending on how this one goes.

I'd really like to get all of our debt paid off, and maybe save a bit more for a down payment on a house.

Jamison said...

ive heard that china has so many versions of the language that many chinese just speak english to one another to avoid confusion.

Diana said...

That's great! Have a great time!!! Has anyone thought about the next time we'll all get together??? I think we should start planning something for next spring.

mullinz8 said...

why is it that we paln a get together once someone isn't going to be able to be there.

God love you Brewster.

I can't wait for you to fly abroad.