Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The stress of garbage day

Driving home last night after our child birthing class, I passed the homes in our neighborhood with their garbage cans neatly placed at the end of their driveway...

As I progressed further into the subdivision, I noticed fewer and fewer garbage cans... by the time I was on my street, there were only about 3 or 4 people who had their garbage cans by the road.

Then it occurred to me... I am only reminded of Wednesdays being garbage day because I see others with their garbage cans by the road. I certainly don't have a reminder on my Outlook calender, my phone doesn't remind me, and I don't put a note on the refrigerator reminding me... I depend on my neighbors.

But what about the house at the very beginning of the neighborhood? Who reminds him/her/them? No one! They are essentially fully responsible for reminding the entire 500+ home neighborhood that tomorrow morning is trash day! They don't pass any other homes in our neighborhood and the surrounding homes outside our neighborhood have a different trash day! I can't begin to imagine the stress level in this home! They must have notes littering the living room. Notes on the dashboard of the car. Notes on door knobs. "I can't forget, everyone is relying on me!"

The first home in the neighborhood is a very nice home, but brothers and sisters, I wouldn't take it for all the money in the world if it helps me avoid such stress.


CL said...

Funny Jamison. Mine is the same way most of the time. Although I will admit I have gotten more responsible and started to remember my own trash. There's an analogy here somewhere...maybe later.

midnitcafe said...

What happens when the first house is on vacation?

Charlie said...

Me, I'd take the house just so I could mess with people's heads.

mullinz8 said...

There are several reasons why I don’t like Mondays mostly falling into the category there being too much going on and me having wasted too much time doing other things all weekend for me to deal with setting out the trash Monday morning. Yeah, Monday is our trash day and I hate it.

Why of all the days to do something like this does mine have to fall on Monday. I live on the very edge of town why can’t I have it on Friday so I can be a bit more relaxed.

Jamison, having seen your neighborhood I’m sure they house payments are a bit more because there is some sort of default stating if they don’t have all their ducks in a row they are going to get fined.