Sunday, April 08, 2007

Promo video... was bored Sunday

I can't help but wonder about the following:

When I look at my YouTube channel, I see that the Stubbs Coke addiction mockmentary part ONE has 118 views and part TWO has 60 views... clearly people are bored with part one and never move on to part two.

Because of this (but really just becasue I was bored and wanted to have some fun), I made a 2 minute promo to promote the mockumentary. It is also worth noting that some scenes that didn't make the cut of parts 1 and 2 were squeezed into this promo. Nothing special, but I was able to save a few short shots with this. I am working on an outtakes video as well. The promo is below.

I dont think the blog is dead... but sometimes I think, Brew, that you and I are the life-giving blood of it. If you are out there, please, say something. Just so we know you are at least reading it. Perhaps going back to the huge email threads would be better. I miss KellieJ (Though she is no where near an internet connection right now), the occational popin by Frederick, and Mullins (though he does comment once a week on 3 or 4 topics, then is gone till next week). Of course, most folks now have jobs that take up more time than my job or Brew's job does, so I understand. Still, I miss 'em all.


midnitcafe said...

Me likey. I honestly don't think I've watched the second part of the doc. It kind of is boring. It's a pretty spot-on satire of some of those real documentaries. Almost too spot on. it's like the last twenty minutes of Adaptation where I "get it" but it just goes on for too long.

One little critique, make it a little more obvious its a parody with a Coke addiction. Watching that promo, had I not known what it was, I would have thought it was really about drug addiction and serious until the very end.

I do like it. And I'm not trying to be man. Just trying to look at it as an outsider.

I'm hoping Amy can help revive it a little. The near absence of sip and mullins really hurts. There's a few religious/political things I want to throw out, but I don't see it getting much debate with out Sipper, and then what's the point?

We're doing better, and I think we'll continue posting, just not in the manner we previously did. Hopefully things will work out for Kellie and she can participate again soon.

Jamison said...

You havent watched part 2? Im not trying to win an oscar here, i post them becasue it has people we know in it and thats always good for an internal laugh. It's only like 8 minutes long. Watch it and be bored, you can thank me later.

Of course, I could just make a real documentary. Your constructive critisism was somewhere between critisism and a compliment. Any suggestions?

Charlie said...

I read stuff, I just don't always leave a comment for everything. It seems that whenever I do comment, mine are always the last ones (see the fish and garbage day posts). As for the YouTube stuff, it's hard to watch anything with a dial-up connection.

Jamison said...

Stubbs, I just sent myself a reminder email to my work last night to bring home some blank CDs. Your wife told me yall cant watch my videos so I cam going to put them all on CD so you can watch them on your computer. Brew may know a free program I can use to burn them to a dvd so they can play on your dvd player, but I do not know of one. Brew, if you know of one, lemme know.

Ryan F. said...

Sorry, my problem is that with my new job I stay busy all day long and when I get home I don't care about getting on the computer.

I do try to check this thing once or twice a week to chime in. Sometimes I simply enjoy reading the post with nothing to add.

Jamison said...

Fred, you have a few voice cameos in the promo video

midnitcafe said...

No problem fred, I know you've got other things to do besides read our ramblings every day. You are still welcome to post something if the mood strikes you.

CL said...

Hey...I say hi a lot.

mullinz8 said...

Who is this Mullins bastard.

I have two posts to put in it's just a matter of time.

there are tons of things that are rolling through my head right now but some of them are not for the blog.
Some fall into the "boring family" heading and others are like I said a bit too time consuming.

midnitcafe said...

Mulls, check your gmail account.