Saturday, April 28, 2007

Brewster Dream

Amy and I were staying at my uncles house, which used to be my grandma and papas. There are two bedrooms upstairs and we were sleeping in the one I used to sleep in when I spent the night as a kid.

I woke up the next morning and went down to shower. The house looked exactly as I remember except for the bathroom.The shower had moved from one wall to another. There was no tub, but a drain on the floor, camp style. There was also no shower curtain, so I was showering in the wide open.

After a few minutes my aunt and uncle came in and sat on the toilet. They weren’t doing anything there, but sitting (fully clothed) quite comfortably too. In moments my mother also came in and stood by the door.

Nothing seemed odd about this while I showered, until the turned off the water. Then like Adam and Eve, I suddenly realized I was naked. I crowched down to hide my naked bits, but then realizing there was nothing to do, I grabbed a towel and dried off.

I put a t-shirt on, but that’s all the clothes I had. As I started to leave, mom told me to wait. It seemed there was an Aunt or somebody outside who would be offended by my lack of clothing.

We argued abot this for sometime, and the aunt and uncle pair who were on the toilet joined in. Eventually, without any other options I left with just the t-shirt on. I raced upstairs to the bedroom, where I found my wife laying on the floor, half under the bed, totally zonked out.

I tried to wake her and ask why she was on the floor, but all she did was mumble and push me away.

It was here that I awoke.


Mat Brewster said...

Why do I keep having dreams about being at my grandmothers house and/or being naked?

X-orter said...

Being naked in a dream can have several meanings depending upon the circumstances in which one finds him or herself naked in the dream.

If you are naked and people notice, then it typically represents your subconscious mind's fear that your vulnerability or shamefulness has become obvious to others. On other occasions in which people notice, it means that you are likely unprepared for an upcoming event (e.g., presentation at work, etc) and fear the ridicule of others.

If you are naked and no one seems to notice, then it typically represents your subconscious mind's attempt to reassure you that no one else has noticed that over which you have been anxious or that you have blown something out of proportion (i.e., no one views the situation as you do).

If you are proud of your nakedness, on the other hand, it represents your inner sense of freedom. You like who you are and you don't care who notices it.

That you dream about your grandmother's house may indicate that you are searching for the sense of nurturing, protection, or unconditional love that you likely felt while in the presence of your grandmother at her house.

Okay...that will be five cents. Seriously, I took courses at a local university in dream interpretation after graduation to supplement the counseling courses that I had taken as a student at Faulkner.

While it is generally true that our dreams are often just our minds replay of recent events in a randomized and disjointed manner, they sometimes reveal what is going on in the subconscious.

Mat Brewster said...

I've heard some of that about nudity before. I suspect some of it may have to do with my choice of clothing (or lack there of) in the sleeping hours.

Moving this dream I wasn't embarassed about my nakedness until the shower stopped. Then I noticed and tried to cover for about a minute, until I realized it was useless and stood upright again.

Interestingly I had a towel, but once dry I tossed it even though I didn't have anything else to cover up with.

I've dreamed about grandmas house a few times. Good thoughts about the nurturing. It should also be noted that house is one of the few places that remained constant in my life. My dad builds houses for a living and so we moved often. But grandma lived in the same place my entire life.

mullinz8 said...

I'm not sure we should be taking this kind of advicefrom a guy whose favorite movie is Joe vs.the Volcano.

Just kidding it's a good movie, anything with John Candy is a good movie.

Brew your dreams bother me not so much from the context and events but from the fact that in all of them I somehow always end up having to think of you naked.

is there is a code word that could be developed so I don't have this rash of naked brew images running through my head?

Jamison said...

I like LOADS of pop ups, but a great dream dictionary. I've used it alot, but have eventually been able to determine what symbols in my dream mean to me, so the dictionary to me now is kind of useless. Keep that in mind when you remember dreams. They are about YOU, no one else. And only YOU really know what they are about.

You know I consider myself a bit of a dream interpreter... moonlighting only...
Nakedness in a dream is one of the most common symbols. I wont even waste time saying what it could mean because it could mean 100 different things, and all relative to the individual. When you have a dream, try to relate it to recent events, thoughts, and feelings. Look at this dream along with your recent post about moving to china, school, work, and starting a family.

Your "grandmothers house" is not your grandmothers house. A house, most commonly (at least in MY dreams) represents you (well, a house in MY dream represents ME, not you...). Being in this house in your dream represents comfort, stability, status quo, and closeness to family, friends, and the things you know that "aren't broken" (So why fix them?)

Ok, so the shower... showers are obvious... showering can be spiritual or physical renewal or the need to wash a burden out of your life. Also symbolic of forgiveness. Since you shower out int he open, I am thinking you have nothing to hide. You have alot of trust with those around you. Since the bathroom was a little different than the rest of the house, this may be a part of your life that is differnt. Less luxurious. Whats is the "bathroom" of your mind? And why has it lost some of its luxuries and standards while the rest of the hosue remains the same? And look, while your whole family comes in, and watches you, you arent embarrased or ashamed... this is good. But why are they in there? Looking for answers? Are they there to guide you? Give you advice? Wisdom? AGain, they could not represent who they appear at all, but aspects of YOU. With me, when I see people in my dream, they are really parts of me being represented.

Ah, bt Brew turns off the shower. The act of cleansing is over. Whatever the showering is to you, it either should be kept going, or the act it represents blinds you to your surroundings.

As for the bed and your wife, I wont assume to know. But the bed could have something to do with sexual activity and there is a reason she is under it. Dont think of this as anything dirty. it could have something to do with your thoughts on having kids.

Jamison said...

"My dad builds houses for a living and so we moved often. But grandma lived in the same place my entire life. "

This is why I think the house merely represents your mind, body, and your life... think of it that way and try to interpret your dream.

Charlie said...

That was a hilarious presentation of your dream, Brew. Cracked me up.

My interpretation: you're gay.

Mat Brewster said...

That's the best interpretation I've heard all day Charlie. Good job.

And for proof of what you say I have a photograph of you and me in a...shall we say compromising position.

mullinz8 said...

Oh cripes, I've got a picture like that with both of you two on me...

Mat Brewster said...

Yep, that's the one I have. The thing that gets me down about it is not the fact that I'm being compromised in gang-like fashion, but that I have a full head of hair, and look so young

Jamison said...

...and that I wasn't in on the action? Who took that fabled photo? Yearbook staff?