Sunday, December 03, 2006

A Sunday Dream

My alarm was set for 7 in the AM. After several snoozes I shut it off completely, knowing that this would mean we would miss Bible study and possible worship services. I woke up on my own about 8 in the AM but again rolled over decided I would not look at the clock again for I would find it necessary to get up and I just didn’t want to do that.

However, after some more sleep I did look at the clock and found it to be 8:50. Knowing I had to get up, I patted Amy and told her the time and she got out of bed in a jolt.

Entering into our bathroom we noticed that the light had burned out. Reaching into the dark tub, Amy lets out a little shriek and picks up a strange object. Handing it to me I realize it is a part of a brick.

Amy seems to not be bothered by this and again reaches into the tub to find a soaking wet towel which she promptly throws on the floor. I tell her I’ll toss the brick and get her a flashlight. Underneath I’m petrified. There wasn’t half a brick in the tub last night. Somebody had to have snuck into the house and put it there as some kind of signal.

I dump the brick and begin checking out the house. Even though conceivably the rest of our lights work, and that it is towards 9 in the morning our house is very dark. I walk through the blackness expecting to be attacked at any moment. Sensing that the culprit must be hiding in our second bedroom, which we have made into a study I bust in quickly with a karate kick. I then attack the closet but find nothing.

Amy, who is now in the shower, yells at me to join her. Before I do I go back to the bedroom, where our computer is located (in reality it is in the study) I quickly check my e-mail expecting something important, but finding nothing.

I then go to the bathroom to bathe. I have great trouble taking off my t-shirt and get it stuck above my head. Comically I struggle with it greatly before finally removing it. Amazingly I am much skinnier and more fit in reality and I begin to check myself out in the mirror. Just as I’m doing a heavy flex move I wake up with a jolt.

It is 8:15 in the AM and highly confused I wake Amy up to bathe and get ready.


Brewster said...

A couple of interpretive type deals.

I often struggle getting up for church. This is partially due to staying up to late, partially because Sunday is part of the weekend and mentally I want to sleep in, and to be honest partially because I don't want to go to church. Don't get me wrong I love the church, but the particular congregation we attend has issues.

When thinking about the dream later I wondered about Amy not being upset by the brick. I started to think that maybe it was a lover who used the brick as a signal. But that didn't make sense because I almost always shower first and therefore would have found the brick. Seems like a dumb lover signal.

The one dream dictionary I consulted says a brick represents individual ideas and thoughts. also that experience and/or heartbreak has hardened me.

Twas a great dream.

Rachel said...

Here's my take- The dark bathroom represents being thrust into a situation in which you don't know what to expect. (Fellow job-loss victim here)

Reaching into the bathtub is seeking clues to clarify the situation. The brick is something foreign, unexpected, rough, heavy- one possible direction the situation could take you. The towel is something that should rightfully be there but (possibly from being left unattended) the darkness and the heavy, cold wetness make it kind of scary- the other possible direction.

The rest of it (waking up for church, checking the house) is just reality wrapped around the abstract stuff.

By the way, love the pic.

Jamison said...

I knew it was a dream midway through, but only because of a book I am reading about lucid dreams. In a way, you were having a lucid dream in that you were in control of it. But you were not aware it was a dream. It is dreams like that that cause philosophers to ponder whether you are dreaming now and awake in your dream, or the other way around...

FYI, the best times of the night for lucid/controling dreams is about the time you had it, towards the time of waking. I think you have potential to have alot of fun with your dreams. Look up some easy exercises and before-bed tips online to induce lucid dreaming. If you had become aware you were dreaming in that last dream, you could have just asked Amy "So, whats thie brick represent" and, being part of your subconsious, she would have just told you. has a pretty good dreamdictionary, updated often.

Jamison said...


Since we are on the topic of dreams, here is one i wrote down this morning...

I am in a lake. I am on a jet ski. I am full of anger, so to let out my anger/vent, I do what i love doing on a jet ski; doing a sharp turn to cause a huge wave to splash over individuals on the shore or the dock. I havrnt jet skied in ages, but when I did, I loved doing this. I did it a few times, one person getting splashed was my mom. Other times, I was splashing no one, but I kept telling myself "It doesnt matter if they get wet, I am venting!"

I notice acroass the way that there is a small cove, which really is nothing more than a swampy creek. There are leaves all over the surface of the water, but the water is really dirty, muddy, and thick. I am still able to use the jet ski. I then hear 2 dirt bikes racing my way, they pass me and look at me as if to say "what on earth is a jet ski doing here?"

My dad shows up and says "get out of there! The jet ski shouldnt be in that water!" So I go back to the lake...

Brewster said...

One thing I didn't mention is that the wet towel was real. the wife took a bath Saturday night and used a towel as a pillow which ultimately got soaked. It was hanging up on the curtain rod when we went to bed and had actually fallen in the night.

Brewster said...

I do often have really great dreams just before I wake, however they usually disappear in my memory before I have a chance to write them down.

Jamison said...

thats why my journal is right by the bed. it is HARD to write in the morning, but unless you do, the waking mind changes the story of the dream for fun, or for protection.

I sometime shave paper by the bed and when i wake at 3am to pee, i just jot down some key words. they are funny to look at because it looks like scribble. Larissa gets a kick out of watching me trying to figure out what I wrote. It is kind of like getting a note from yourself from another demension, which, in a way, it is.

bigsip said...

I told Jamison just the other day that I wish I could remember more of my dreams.

I know I have dreams because everyone does. My dreams, like an early snow, evaoprate before they touch my mind.

I don't know why, but I sometimes wish I could remember my dreams. Maybe I'm ot supposed to, though. Who knows?

Brewster said...

I tried keeping a journal by the bed, but it didn't really work. when I'd wake up with a dream in my head I was too tired to write it down. Mainly b/c it was dark and with Amy I can't turn on a light so I'd have to actually get up.

I try to repeat the dream in my head several times to remember it, but even with that sometimes I'm too sleepy to care.

kellieja said...

No more stickam past ten.

Brewster said...

Hey just because you don't like jamison peeking at your pajamas is no reason to keep me off of it.

And besides I had another one last night involving a fast food drive through in a bus with drive-in theatre like speakers to take our order and being attacked by aliens with John Cusack