Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Semi-Secret Agent Trainer Man

So, the interview was today. They hired me on the spot and said I'll get to negotiate my salary later. I have a few more papers to fill out, but Bernie the task lead and Bobby the DB guru said they are looking forward to working with me.

The job itself hearkens back to what I used to do in the Air Force and for Lockheed Martin. Of course, I had a Top Secret/SCI/SSBI clearance back then, but I'll have at least a Secret this time because of the nature of the work.

First off, I'll be the lead trainer in charge of all the training development, standards, evaluations, education, etc. I have never been as excited about a job.

I just typed what I'll be doing, then I deleted it. I'm a little reluctant to post it, but let's say we'll be handling some matters of national security.

Thanks for all the prayers and support my friends. We are ever thankful for you all and our Father even more.

Say a prayer of thanks to God!


Brewster said...

Awesome sip. Congrats!

bigsip said...

Thanks, Brew!

I went and talked to the VP today and he said "Welcome aboard and congratulations!"

He also said he'd call me back to finalize salary arrangement, etc.

So, I should be starting sometime in early to mid-January.

I'll be working over at Gunter Air Force Annex and don't know if I'll have internet access yet or not since we'll be working in a semi-secure environment.

Either way, I'll keep you guys posted.

Love to my brothers and sisters and thanks to God!

mmullinz8 said...

way to go Sipper!

Berw this thing is still working for crap...

Brewster said...

I've been curious about the blog status for a bit anyway. Charles is way MIA. Charlies dead. Diana is in babyland. Ryan has been shipped to cambodia. Mullins now apparently has to work at his job and can no longer write. So its me, sip and braly. Sip if you leave we might see the end.

Mullins did you read my e-mail? You have two blogger names, but only one is signed up here

Ryan F. said...

Will you be hanging Sadaam as part of your top secret mission?

Cambodia is great this time of year! I've been basking in the sunlight for days!

bigsip said...

I plan to check this blog at least once a day from home. But, I have doubts I'll eb able to check from work anymore.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to be very busy. I should have internet access, though since my new supe has emailed me from work several times.

So, I might check once in the morning or something, too.

Anyway, I hope this doesn't die. I love keeping in touch with you guys here.

Guess we'll see how it works out.

Jamison said...

If we are gonna do anything with the log, wordpress it... I dont want it to go anywhere, but if it must, who is to say that a "midnitcafe" myspace account is out of the question? Or at least a myspace group... all of us, except sip and his wife, sport a myspace account. At the same time, I like the quite world of blogs, away from the fanfair and advertisements of myspace.

i still want to do the best blogs of the year like i did last year. I also see the blog (and myspace) as a great way to stay in touch with Ryan.

a prayer answered for you Sip! I couldnt be happier for you, truly my friend! We shall celebrate.

As for Sips job details, 3 words: Loch Ness Monster.

Oh, in my west virginia travels on back roads, we stopped to say hi to a friend of my wifes dad. I shook his had, then realized it had cow blood all over it... as I noticed this, a big tractor road by. It had a cow hanging from its back legs, dragging its tounge on the ground as it road away. In not so many words, it was dinner for the next 6 months.

Youve heard the phrase "live off the land" but many on these cold mountains literally do. If they knew how beautiful their homes and land were, but much of them are too busy slaughtering meals.

bigsip said...

Thanks, my friend!

Yes, my Mom remembers going to eat with my Dad's parents for the first time. While they were driving up in the yard, my Granny was chopping a chicken's head off. Of course, they had fried chicken that night...

By the way, finished up salary negotiations went well. I'll leave it at that :)

Good to be back in the saddle again...which reminds me, I need to blog about my vascectomy!

Jamison said...

I dont like internet explorer 7.... is has messed up my jamietoons front page and now i have to redo the bloody thing....

Apple is looking like a better company every day.

Brewster said...

I'm a firefox man myself. They are hit by way less virus/spammer/hackers. There security features are more customizable. I absolutely love tab browsing (yes the new IE has this too, but I prefer Firefoxes method). They have lots of killer add-ods. There automatic search bar includes specific sites like wikipedia and IMDB.

I tried the new IE just to see if they had gotten any better, but firefox still wins hands down for me.

I have noticed what you are talking about though. With so many different browsers and screen sizes now you really have to check your own page on a lot of different machines.

Jamison said...

i think my page looks messed up on firefox too, or the other one (mozilla?)

bigsip said...

I do like the tabbed format of the new IE. I like FF alright, too (have it on the laptop).

My pages look fine, but mine are pretty simplistic.

Diana said...

Hey. Sorry, I haven't been on the computer in a while. I've either been at work or sleeping.

Congratulations, Sipper! I'm really happy for you! I'll try to call your Mrs. in the next few days.

We're doing well. The first trimester symptoms are starting to wear off. I start my student teaching next Monday, so I'll need mega prayers.

bigsip said...

Congrats on the student teaching coming up!

We'll keep y'all in our prayers as always.

I got the official offer letter for the job today. I have already filled out all the forms, taken the drug test, etc. Once I'm through all that, I'll start to work. Hopefully, I'll start end of this week/beginning of next!