Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Librarian And The Sweet Dairy Products

I admit it. I have a great fondness to adventure stories – specifically Indiana Jones-esque adventure stories that involve looking for ancient, secret treasure. This should explain why my wife and I sat this Sunday evening watching The Librarian: Return to King Solomon’s Mines.

While my wife watched, she also searched the kitchen for something sweet – anything would do cookies, ice cream, pie. She chastised me for having not picked up any such thing on my visit to the grocery store earlier in the day (silly me, I bought non essentials like milk and chicken.) She then started to crave a Steak and Shake milkshake which is when I started to pay attention.

There is a Steak and Shake a few measly blocks from our abode, and I have to admit they make a mean shake. Suddenly I was craving a little ice cream, vanilla and maybe a hint of caramel.

The problem was we were both bedded in for the evening and tucked into our flannel pajamas. Though in this college town we wouldn’t be looked at twice for stepping out in pajama pants, that’s just not something we do in this family.

So we made a deal. Next commercial we’d change, then the following one we’d make a mad dash for the shakes.

Now the thing is I wear my pajama pants a little free in the undercarriage, if you catch my meaning, and I wasn’t prepared to equip myself with a clean pair for but minutes in the car. Thus I stuffed my khakis over my flannel pants and geared up to go. I got the keys and the coats and we prepared ourselves for the next commercial break.

Like a light we took off and I drove like a madman on crack. Somewhere on Second Street it struck me how absurd it was to be driving in the middle of the night, in the freezing cold, sans underpants with flannel pajamas sticking out of my khakis all in order to obtain a frosty treat.

Never stand in the way of a fat man and his sweetened dairy products.

We arrived safely back at home with our delectable caramel and fudge milkshakes and we only missed a few minutes of the movie.


bigsip said...

Cute story, Brew.

I'm honestly not much on sweets. But, my wife is. We always have cookies, ice cream, and candy around, much to my shagrin.

If there are sweets, I inevitably eat some. Only thing is, Rachel can eat a box of them and not gain an ounce. I eat a cookie and I'm 5 pounds heavier.

These sweets will be the death of me!

Jamison said...

I went out in my pajama pants a few weeks ago. We had to run to walmart (first mistake) and I figured I would blend in at 10pm with everyone there. I liked it. Felt like I was back at faulker in which many people went to class in pajama pants.

Some spring classes found me showing up without shoes on, i loved it.

mmullinz8 said...

Luckily for me I married a woman whose family is fuelled through sweets. There is seldom a trip to the store where something sweet and yummy isn’t dropped into the buggy.

I have been known to make a late evening run to the corner store for a candy bar or something but it’s a seldom need.

If you were staying in the car for the drive trough why did you even bother putting on real pants?

It’s a college town, I’m sure they’re happy you even have pants on.

Brewster said...

We did actually get out, if ever so briefly. And its just a personal thing not to get out of the house in my pajamas.

My wife wouldn't let me either.

Plus we ran into a policeman friend of mine so I'm kid of glad I made the pant choice.

mmullinz8 said...

what cops don't wear jammies out?

bigsip said... subject, but I'm exerting the privilege given to me by Brew...

I have another interview Thursday morning at 9. I found a Case Manager position in a job search yesterday. It would be basically training, educating, and counseling people near the poverty line to help them gain job skills, language skills, etc.

I'm really excited about it! Y'all are praying up some good stuff, my friends!

Jamison said...

how on earth do you get interviews so fast? Thats awesome. It is like a super-power or something! Next time I need a job I am hiring you as my headhunter.

bigsip said...

I'll tell you how...

I found the job, then I called to see if the position was still open. The administrative assistant was only too happy to email me the application.

She told me to simply fill it out and bring it by with a resume. I left work a little early and took it by. When I walked in, the State Director walked out and introduced herself. She asked if I minded waiting while she looked over my resume. I had a seat and a few minutes later, another lady came out and said she'd like to schedule me for a first-round interview Thursday morning. I gladly accepted and that's that.

I can only attribute the quick interview to pushing the envelope a bit and being positive while speaking to the folks in charge. They see that and want to talk to you. I can't wait! I love interviews!

bigsip said...

I know the prayers are helping me to get these quick turnarounds more than anything. It's amazing to watch God work.

Brewster said...

Hey, I keep getting nothing. Who's praying for sip and not me? Huh? Huh?!

bigsip said...

Trust me, you're getting the prayers...

I was talking to Rachel last night about how God is taking care of us.

She said that she knows God is doing at least 99%, but whatever was left, I was doing my part to its fullest.

That made me feel good because I've been working my tail off on job searches, resumes, and interviews for about 4 weeks and things are happening. But, nothing would have happened at all wihtout His guidance and the confidence I find in Him.

Indeed, prayer is good!