Monday, November 20, 2006

Yet Another Update

Sorry to keep telling y'all about this job, but I got some very promising news today.

Yesterday afternoon, I telephoned a good friend of my Dad who used to be to Mayor of Luverne (my hometown). He was appointed to the Alabama Department of Economic Community Affairs (ADECA) by the Governor and later promoted to the head of the Alabama Banking Assoc. In other words, the guy has some pull.

When I phoned him, he wasn't there, so I left a message. He called me this morning and said he needed me to email him all the info I could about the job so he could write me a letter of recommendation.

I emailed him immediately and he emailed me right back. Come to find out that he knows the Colonel in charge of hiring for the job PERSONALLY! He used to work with her when he was with ADECA!

So, he's giving her a call and plans to put in a very good word for me!

Y'all all please keep praying. It's working!


Jamison said...

welcome to Sip's blog!
j/k... perhaps emails would be more appropriate for this info. Eitherway, I pray for you each morning in the shower... doesnt make me gay does it?

bigsip said...

I would do email, but no one ever emails me back about this stuff.

At least if I post on here, I get one of you guys telling me to email instead. It's so encouraging :)

Kidding, and I appreciate ALL your prayers!

Ryan F. said...

If it doesn't work out, I know of a youth minister position in town...

bigsip said...

HAHA! Thanks, Ryan.

Hope your move goes well, my good man.

Brewster said...

Or you could maybe just add the updates to your previous post.

Dang sip, I've been unemployed for three months and have written less about it than you have in the last week.

Honestly, do what you want. I had a vision for this blog but it was shot down.

I've been praying too.

bigsip said...

Sorry if my unemployment gets in the way of your vision.

Thanks for the prayers.

I just need to give these updates. It's hard to explain, but when you're living an anxious life, every little step needs to be told, at least, for me it does.

I wouldn't be at all opposed if you'd update us on your happenings, Brew. Then we'd know more specifically what to pray for and how to help. That's the main reason I keep updating you Yahoos.

So, thanks for the prayers, keep praying, and freaking stop complaining... ;)

Brewster said...

It's really not that big a deal. The blog becomes whatever it becomes.

Does this constant updating irritate me? Yes. In the same way it irritates and annoys me when folks decide a posts comments are too long and make a separate post. The same way it annoys me when folks post little tiny things.

I get over it though.

I personally don't update you guys on every little prospect in my job hunt because I don't figure you care. I also don't want those super specific prayers. Just pray that God blesses me and that I find a great job that I will enjoy and do good at.

bigsip said...

I know it annoys you, man.

I'm sorry. I just need all the encouragement I can get right now.

I'm about to lose my job, Xmas is coming, I have a wife and two little boys.

I feel like I shouldn't have to ask for encouragement or argue over posting to try to squeeze a little out of this electronic udder.

But, I do it in the hopes that you guys will instill in me hope, encouragement, and bright horizons.

Thanks again for the prayers. Please keep them coming. I'll try not to post so much. My feelings are a little hurt, but I understand if you guys don't want to listen to my bellyaching.

Just keep the prayers coming and forgive me if I post every glimmer of hope, earnestly seeking encouragement.

Brewster said...

The only annoying thing is the method it is presented. E-mail, or comments I would prefer.

Honestly, like I said it is no big deal. I don't want to discourage, or make light of your situation. I know its tough believe me.

Partially your posts made me feel like you were saying your situation was more important than mine. I know that's not really how it is, but with all the posts it made me feel that way.

In some ways I'm jealous. I've been out of work for over three months. I can find nothing interesting. Do you know how demeaning it is to not have a job and not be able to find one?

When I hear you, having not officially lost your job yet, telling me how many great leads you have it makes me feel worse.

Here's my balls sir.

I say that not to make you feel bad. I am glad you have leads, I do hope you get something great. I do pray for you. We were just getting a little tense here, and I wanted to give a little explanation on my end.

It sucks being unemployed.

bigsip said...

Yeah, it sucks.

I'm sorry, Brew. I didn't mean to make you feel bad.

I don't feel more important than you in any way. I just need to talk and have people listen. It's one of my more female qualities.

We pray for you and Amy all the time as well as the rest of our friends.

I thank God that Amy has found something good to go on. I pray you find just the right thing, too.

I wasn't angry at you, Brew. I just felt a little hurt. I'm sorry if you feel hurt, too.

God will heal us both, my brother. I hope you find this helpful. I want and hope for God to bless you abundantly.

I love you, Mat.

Jamison said...

now THAT is the way a blog should go... 2 guys, both unemployeed, in similar situations. Posts meant to encourage one another in similar situations. It gives us employeed folks an idea of what you go through, in a way that is not one-sided... I applaude and say "Good blogging!"

(Dont scan this post, read it all. I've been doing some computer work in the speech and debate class this week, so my ability to take both sides is increasing LOL)

On a purely blog line of thinking, I'd agree with the updating the original post.

One must understand that I am the kind of person that doesnt get too excited about "possibilities" in life, and more excited about when things actually happen. You see, when I was job hunting, every "possibility" turned into pretty much a "let down" so I stopped getting excited. Even when my wife first got preg, I was excited, then the miscarriage happened and I decided ill get excited next time when she hits 3 months. In all honesty, when have you seen me really excited about anything? (Wow, I never thought of that, i need to get excited about something soon! lol)I guess I take this approach when other friends are job hunting, and I shouldnt, I should rejoice with them in the little things. You, SIp, are far more qualified to get a job in your area than I amin mine, so it is no wonder that I never seem to get the job I want... you, my friend, will.

Ill be excited when my friend lands a job that he loves and that can help take care of him, his wife and his beautiful kids... thats a blog I wanna see :)

"Sorry if my unemployment gets in the way of your vision." and "At least if I post on here, I get one of you guys telling me to email instead. It's so encouraging"
I really hope you arent getting offended... it sounds like you were. And you at least know ME well enough to know I mean no harm. None of us wants to feel like we cant post a comment like this one for fear of hurting someones feelings. I mean, yall are my best friends! I know we are the only ones who read the blog, but we all "own it" so everyone is entitled to some ideas as far as the blog goes, in all fairness of course.

"I just need to give these updates. It's hard to explain, but when you're living an anxious life, every little step needs to be told, at least, for me it does." Holy cow, do I know what you mean. I like to get things out of my head by writting it all out. Though, none of yall have ever seen these writings and you never will. I have 2 blogs none of you know about and an 18 page Word document on my comptuer with random writings and thoughts youll never see and a dream journal youll never read. However, what I have done in the past is update a previous post of mine, then in the top blog, ill post a comment (nudge my way in) and then say "Hey guys, check out my old post last week for an update!" and maybe even slap a hyperlink to it. I have a dream blog, which I sometimes blog my dreams to. You guys dont want to read about my dreams here. And frankly, I dont want to post them here. i take my dreams very seriously, and most of yall would just laugh at them. So if you want to read them, you know my dream blog address (though, since I got the dream journal, i havent blogged any.)

Since I am in blog critic mode i would say that Sips first job post was amusing and pretty blog-appropriate if you ask me. It had a funny anicdote (spelling?) about the finger up the butt story and it tied in well ('well' storyline-wise) with the job situation story. It was a story we could all feel sorry for him for and it really got the prayers going up and the concern set in big time with Larissa and me.

"I wouldn't be at all opposed if you'd update us on your happenings, Brew. " I would. Not 'opposed' I guess, but it wont make me pray more or less for Brew. In fact, once either of you get a job ill still pray that you settle in and enjoy the people and the work and make more money. SO whether you get a job or not, it wont make me stop praying... i mean, who else am I gonna pray for along with myself and family?

"and freaking stop complaining" No way dude. Just accept the constructive critisism from your best friends who mean no offence. We all want to know whats up with you, Just offering more blog-friendly ways to get the info.

"I would do email, but no one ever emails me back about this stuff"
If you were asking for advise or ideas, the comments would flow, but they are really just updates, and sort of one-way conversations. You ask for prayers and with that, we do so, no questions asked. However, the comments between you and brew here at this point have turned the post into something useful and interesting for 2 guys out of jobs. So it is interesting how a blog about almost ANY subject can take a turn in the comments section and turn into something cool to read and learn from...

In all fairness, and in Sips (And Brews) defense, I am not one to talk. I have a job and am not job hunting. I have forgotten the feeling of not having a job. And i have NEVER been without a job and had a wife and 2 small children at home to feed. I dont understand the urgency Sip feels and if telling us in one form or another via writing (blog, email, carrier pigeon, etc) gives him peace and encouragement, I say write on!

Brewster said...

Here's a little update for me, and I'll comment it instead of posting to make Jamison happy and to not be a hypocrite.

I've basically given up. I've tried to find a job I wanted (middle management or copy writing) through the local paper, through the websites (monster, career builder etc) and through a specialized agency.

I've gotten nothing. Well nothing I wanted or thought I could do.

I'm tired, I'm running out of money, and I'm depressed. I shouldn't be surprised however, because I've never found a job on my own. Every job I've ever had has been through and agency or with help from a friend/family.

I went to a temp service last week and it turns out a lady who used to work with me works there. So she's now busy looking for something.

I know it won't be good. It will pay the bills and be adequate, and barely on both points

But I just can't go on looking for something awesome anymore. I don't know if it is just this area, or that I don't know the proper techniques for finding a job, or just I suck. But the rejection is killing me.

So now I wait for my friend to call with something. Which actually explains why I have been so active lately here.

Brewster said...

I'm kind of like you Jamison, I don't get too excited about things.

On the job front I stay mute because there isn't anything to report in my opinion. I could say I went to Rent-a-Center and took a collections test the other day, but it seems silly to do so until I have further info.

But that's just me. Sip, if you have to report all the details please do. We're two different folks and I'm hip to the different strokes.

bigsip said...

HAHA! Thanks, Jamison.

I apologize to God all the time about praying the same things over and over and over...

He has unlimited patience and understanding. But, I say, "Father, please understand that the reason I keep asking you the same thing over nad over isn't because I doubt You, but it's my own human frailty. I need to ask You these things to remind myself that You are taking care of everything."

It's the same reason I'm posting here. I need to remind myself that I have the best friends in the world, praying for me and giving supplication.

I believe in the power of prayer and I especially believe that everyone here gives prayers that God hears.

As far as complaining goes, I was kidding. But, I'm going to keep posting anyway, and y'all can suck it up and listen because I need you to.

I'm glad this blog turned into something valuable for more people than just me. I know it's a little selfish to post things for personal benefit, but I have you. I hope y'all will bear with it and understand.

I love you guys.

Brewster said...

We love you too.

The next time you have an update could you do me a favor? Post it in the comments section of whatever blog post is at the top. It doesn't have to on topic. We go off topic all the time.

This was we'll read it, we'll talk about it, but neither Jamison or I have to be annoyed that its a brand new post.

can we compromise with that?

bigsip said...

Sounds fine to me...

Thanks, Brew.

Jamison said...

I understand what you say about annoying God. I think it doesnt bother Him until our prayers get to the point where they are habit prayers...

How often have we heard prayers in church and long or short, we can pretty much guess the next line to come out of the persons mouth?

Heck, im guilty of it and probably will be next sunday when i lead a closing prayer.

If I prayed in front of the church like i pray to God in private, people would be asking for their money back out of the collection plate at the end.

here is an off the wall, kind of fun idea.... If we make a comment to each post, we can post our comments as ussual and then at the end of the comment, post a number 1 to 10. Purely voluntary of course. 1 being crappy blog, 10 being great blog.

mmullinz8 said...

I would like to thank Jamison for writing a super long post because I feel like I’m the only one who drones on and on anymore.

I hate that the both of you are out of work, it really sucks. I like knowing what you guys are doing and the leads you’re following. Through email or blog it’s nice to know you’re both still alive and functioning.

I think it’s interesting because Jamison doesn’t really like his job, or at least doesn’t feel fulfilled by it. Josh and Brew are looking for gigs, Chuck just finished hunting down a new job and moved off the face of the earth. I just changed jobs and Stubbs just got a job as a pet therapist at a local theme park. Most of us are all circling around the same thing from different perspectives. Odd.

I hope it’s very difficult to annoy God, it’s one of the things I consider the least because each time I pray I try and do so with as much heart as my mind can muster, God knows what I’m thinking about and sometimes just trust him to sort it all out.