Thursday, November 09, 2006

One of Those Days

I went to the urologist yesterday with high hopes that I'd be in and out with an appointment to have my vasectomy. Of course, I had no such luck. My appointment was at 10:30 AM. So, I courteously arrive at 10:15 then had to wait till 11:30 to be called back. The doctor made it in at about 11:45 and rushed around frantically while he made funny jokes about testicles. He had me stand before him, drop my pants, and show him my stuff. He was impressed that both of my vas deferens (the tubes he'll be snipping for me) run along the front. He said it was unusual, but that it would make surgery easier.

After he examined "my balls" as he called them, he, just out of nowhere, said, "Bend over." I asked him why. "You're getting the check." That's right folks. Dr. Hot Dog Fingers checked my prostate! OW! I feel so violated. At least it was over quickly.

However, my day didn't end there. I came back to work after being gone for 2 hours and went to discuss my surgery schedule with my boss. She asked me to close the door to her office. I almost asked why, but thought better of it and just closed the door.

In a few words, she told me that our current contract was almost out of money, our other contract wasn't looking good, and we'd probably have layoffs. She wanted me to know so I could have my surgery before that happened, so my insurance would cover it. I told her I appreciated the info and that I'd try to do that. I also told her I'd be looking at other employment opportunities. She said she'd try to help me find something in company, but I think I'd rather find something else. I wouldn't turn down a job here, but I look at this as a way to move into something I enjoy more, I hope.

I returned to my cube, disheveled, but determined. I called the doctor. They had no open surgeries till December 15th. I'll probably be laid off before then. Rachel called and I filled her in on the job (I figured Dr. Hot Dog Fingers could wait). She immediately sprung into action looking for jobs for us both. Thank God for her.
My parents, who have some pretty good connections, are checking the job scene for me. Larissa's helping me look on base. I have a good network inside and outside of work. So, I should be able to find something soon. But, y'all please pray for us. I don't want to come upon Christmas without a job.


Jamison said...

Larissa talked about this all night last ight. My adivce; dont say a word to anyone. My wife tells me there are some kniving people at her office that will take anything you say, twist it around, and tell other people what "you said", when you really didnt. Likewise, if anyone, other than your boss, tells you ANYTHING, nod your head, smile, tell them you better get back to work, and forget everything they said to you. Okay?

I did my nightly ritual of tea drinking outside last night, and instead of sitting down, meditating, or listening to a guided meditation, I prayed for you. I sat there talking to God trying to figure out if I should pray that Sip keep his job or not. I thought "Well, if he keeps his job, then no possible future blessings will occure. Maybe if You let him lose his job then You'll have an even bigger blessing in store for him!" I mean, who am I to tell God "Dont let what You have planned happen!"? So I pretty much just said "Let something good happen... but whatever happens, let the Sips not have to struggle financially or struggle with unneeded emotional stress..."

Hope that was good enough! It was a long prayer, hope God finds me worthy to hear it!

I find it amusing in life at how serious we take little things in life. The, when something like this comes along, we look at back at the things that 'bothered' us and think about how silly we were for worrying about such a small thing.

bigsip said...

Amen, brother. Thank you for praying for us. I know God heard your prayer and He'll take care of us.

In conclusion, "I am Joshua A. Sipper and I approve this prayer."

mullinz8 said...

I would look at it this way. At least you got stuck in the bum before you found out about the layoffs. I mean to realize a portion of your world could be shaken up and then to go and have someone poke you in the arse would really be the worst way to end your day.

God will be watching out for you Sipper, it’s important to keep your self open to the possibilities no matter how odd they may seem. There is a plan for everything and though he has a tendency to not let us know what those plans are its nice knowing they are out there.

bigsip said...

Gee, that really puts things in nperspective, Matt.

You funnybunny...

I'm looking at 4 possibilities at the moment and leaving myself open to others.

The 4 main possibilities are:

1. Stay where I am in a different job or keep my current job (if the contract comes through, I'm okay.

2. Get another job in the same field with a different company.

3. Stay in corporate America, but as a trainer/instructional designer.

4. Try for a position as a teacher at a university, high school, or other school of some type.

In MANY ways, I hope to have a reason to change my type of work. But, more than anything I want to provide for my family. I'm just going to follow God's lead and go there. I don't want to move away for sure, though. But, we'll see what happens.

Brewster said...

What a pain in the ass.


man they really stick it to you dont they?

Good luck Sip. Prayers will be said. Stay with the money, teach on the side when it suits you. Then make a fortune on a book deal.

bigsip said...

Thanks, my writerly broddah...

I'm trying to survey my wide area of options carefully and pray for the best thing.

I wish I could just make that fortune now and save the other stuff for later...Who knows?

Diana said...

That makes my day seem not as bad. You will be in our prayers.

bigsip said...

Thanks, Di.

Sorry about your day, too. Hope it gets better.

bigsip said...

Before my class started last night, I was talking to one of my students who is in the military and works at Dannelly Field (the local ANG base).

I asked her if civilians work there and she said, "Yes". I asked if they had any openings out there. She said they had just started this program out there where they bring in high school dropouts and help them get their GEDs.

I was so excited that my mouth dropped and I almost yelld, "Can you talk to them for me?"

She said she'd be glad to, so I ran across the hall to the computer lab and printed a resume I had saved in gmail (thanks again, gmail!) and ran it back to her right before class.

When I came back in the room, she was on her cell phone to the lady who takes the resumes. She said I should get a call Monday!

The position is for the program director, but they have some other counseling and teaching positions open. It would presumably be a govt civi jog, which means good pay, benefits, etc.

Y'all pray that I'll get an interview and knock this one out of the park!

Diana said...

That would be great for you!!!

bigsip said...

Yes maam, it would! Y'all please pray about it. Hopefully I'll hear something today!

bigsip said...

Just got an email on another job lead from a VP for Northrop Grumman Corp. They have some openings at Maxwell AFB for Tech Trainers.

The VP used to work for NGC down here and said he forwarded my info on to some guys here.

He's a former elder and a good friend of my in-laws. He told me if I don't get a timely response to let him know.

Y'all pray about it, please!

mmullinz8 said...

As I was revisiting this post I had a thought. Why would your doctor be “impressed” with anything having to do with your vas deferens? I would see why he would be relieved that they are placed where they are but to be impressed is like implying you had something to do with it. “Well Mr. Sipper with all your whacking you’ve built up quite an impressive display of vas deferens!”

Would someone please post about 13 new items? I’m tired and (dare I say offended) to be greeted with Sippers sad sack story and probed pooper story.

Still, I hope the job hunt is progressing well enough. Brew, are any generals and military types calling you?

I heard the some place called the White House is looking for a new sec. of defense or something. Apparently all you have to do is lie to a nation, send the military off to fight a misguided war and sit back it collect millions of dollars.

bigsip said...

Thanks for the prayers, Mullins.

Thanks for being impressed by my sack, too.