Thursday, April 13, 2006

Baker's Mark

I was browsing Preditors and Editors today and found a literary agency that looked like a good fit. The only electronic means by which I could submit was a web form that allowed only one sentence. So, I sent the first sentence of my query letter:

The young man only knew himself as Runaway Swimmer, an up-and-coming Cherokee leader, until his surrogate mother, Walking Wind, told him otherwise.

Here's the response I received from the agent:

It is quite possible that you are the first writer who has intrigued me with one sentence. I would very much like to see your manuscript. Could you please send the first 100 pages, with a synopsis, a bio, and a SASE to the mailing address below? I look forward to seeing more from you soon.

All the best,
(name deleted)
Literary Agent

I mean, Holy Cow, man!


Jamison said...

that is exciting! Who knew one sentence could be so powerful... good luck!

bigsip said...

Thanks, man.

I'll keep y'all posted...

mullinz8 said...

Knock them dead Sipper!

You’ve got her on circling the hook now all you have to do is show her the bait and get her to bite.

Jamison can help you with the boat.

bigsip said...

I actually prefer to fish from the bank.

Thanks, Mullins!

I'm excited, but I've been excited before and had my hopes dashed. I'm keeping it real, but I'm hopeful.

I just reordered the book chapters a bit to put more emphasis on the main character. I think that might help to solidify a relationship with an agent/publisher.

All it takes is one pro who believes in your work to take you from writer to author to maybe even best-selling author.

At this point, I'll be fine just to have a pro pushing my work!

Diana said...

Fun fun!

bigsip said...

She doesn't post for a month and then we get "Fun, fun!" ???

Come on Di. You can do better than that.

Jamison said...

she is married to stubbs man, he is rubbing off on her :)

I am not upset about this fact, but it seems that this blog is becoming Sip and Jamie's blog... and our friends just comment...

which is cool... I had a good time last night; wife was watching tv (which I find myself doing alot less of lately) and I was just reading some of the good blogs of old in the archives. I am really glad we made the blog.

bigsip said...


Come on people now, smile on your brother. Everybody get together! Gotta blog one another right now...

Diana said...

Sorry. I've been reading, just not saying much.
Guess what I'm doing MORE of now, drinking water. I got really sick last week and had to have 3 liters of water IVed into me.

bigsip said...

Good grief! See, you needed to blog for prayers!

Glad you're feeling better.

Tell us about your life.

Who are you?

Glad you called Rachel. She told me about your plans annd such...

Diana said...

Josh, you have such a wonderful woman.
I could say to her "Rachel, I've decided I'm going to be a trapeze artist" and she'd say "Get me a ticket to the circus!"
I would say "Rachel, I'm moving to India" and she'd say "Send me a post card!"
"Rachel, I'm going to sell all of my earthly possetions and live in a giant pumpkin." "Make me some pumpkin pie!"
She is so supportive of everything I do. She is just what I need. Some one to not stop me from doing what I want, but knows when to shake a fist at me. I love her!
Charlie and I are doing well. Despite (or maybe because of) some major decisions we're making, we're starting to feel normal. I think it's because we finally got a kitchen table....

bigsip said...

Well, whatever decision y'all make, God be with you.

Stick close to Him and everything will be fine.

Of course, there will be many sacrifices like Disney, moving, money, etc. But, they're all worth it if you're willing to make the sacrifices.

We love y'all and hope the very best for y'all!

Jamison said...

Di is great. I love her humor.
I love how her life is coming together because of a kitchen table.
They are important, the Sips have it down to a science. Ever since we got wood floors I (Being a clean freak) refuse to eat in the living room anymore but at the kitchen table. Larissa and I have diff scheduals typically so we dont ALWAYS eat a the same time but we do eat at the table, which DOES bring more happiness. It has also cut down on mt TV watching, which I am finding, i dont miss as much (But still LOVE The Office).

Di, drink water, cut coke out. There is no hope for stubbs but for you there is. Water is great. I have a 32 ounce bottle right here with me as we speak (though you are supposed to drink 64 ounces a day.) Youll feel better.

I dont like pumpkin pie, but send me some anyway. ill find someone to share it with.

bigsip said...

One of the biggest cultural losses in American homes is time around the dining table.

Eating together as a family was the hallmark of my upbringing. We talked, told stories, laughed and ate.

In Europe especially, eating is an enjoyable and entertaining social event. It's a tradition that was not lost on my family.

That's why most people finish eating way before me. I'm used to talking and laughing as I eat.

I'm afraid that most Americans have now been conditioned to think that eating is for fuel when it's a blessing to be savored and enjoyed.

Folks eat as fast as possible and run to the TV or even eat in front of the TV. Supper time is family time. Time to talk and enjoy food and life.

Use that dining table wisely!

Diana said...

I love it! It's amazing how much more like a family we feel. We've had it a few weeks now, but I still get excited when I get home and dump all my stuff.
And like Jamison, we have different schedules, so when we ARE together, I"m much more likely to cook.
I will admit, I'm conditioned to be a fast eater. That's from years of trying finish and get away from my step-mom as soon as possible. And now that I'm grown and I have a dozen places to get to a day, eating is almost an afterthough. Yesterday I got off work at 2 and ate packed lunch on the way to school and then I got out of school at 6 and ate a Subway sandwhich on the way to rehearsal. It's one of the things I dislike the most about having a busy life.

bigsip said...

It's one of the reasons I try to keep our life "slow".

Families need time to talk and build bonds of importance. We always did that around the dinner table. Eating fast is really bad for your digestive system, too.

So, y'all take your time. Have a nice picnic in the park. Talk and eat like Jesus and the Apostles did. It's a worthwhile endeavour...