Monday, September 17, 2007

Tech Tips for Parents

Boy oh boy, talk about a quiet midnight at the cafe!
Well, thought I would share with ya'll what I have been working on.
I do a weekly e-newsletter for the parents of the school I work for. It has some basic computer tips and occationally, some ways to protect your kids better from online dangers. I will also include a relavent news article sometimes and I always provide a Dell coupon or special link (Dell sends me coupon codes and such that are actually pretty good deals. I pass it on to the parents... and now, you).

To save myself some time (and try to earn a few Goggle bucks) I now own and operate

There you will fine a rough idea of what I am trying to accomplish, along with the archives of my last 10 or 15 articles.

Soon I will have a few how-to videos posted up on there.

The parents rave about this and love it, yet I can't get ANY of them to send me questions and concerns that they would like addressed :(

It is using WordPress code if anyone was wondering or interested.


lilsip said...

Jamison! This is AWESOME!!! I totally love it. Rock on, my techie nerd-friend.

Ryan F. said...

I have a question for you, what is the big deal about g-mail? Why should I get an account? If I have regular e-mail and am a regular guy, why should I switch over, especially since everyone knows my e-mail address as it is?

Jamison said...

gmail allows over 2 gigs of space.
Also, emails sent from gmail are not littered with juno, yahoo, hotmail, and aol ads at the end. GTmail is clean, streamline, and fast.

Most people know my bellsouth account, but I keep a gmail account because (its free) and i use it to basically transfer huge files from one place to another. I also give it out if someone needs to send me large files.

Even better, they have a GREAT spam filter, better than any email account I have ever had.