Friday, February 16, 2007

Of trees

This might be an odd observation but it’s one I’m been holding on to for some time. It has to do with chunks of wood. Recently I noticed a steel safety barrier and in between the anchor posts and the railing I noticed these big blocks of wood.

On the inner stated I noticed rigs hauling steel bridge tresses with large wooden beams placed between the trailer and the raw material.

Standing as a tree there is little thought given to the potential of the mass other than by carpenters and the like. They are wonderful things to climb and memorable to swing from and as a child they are everything from monsters to castles. As adults these towers are ornaments and landscaping devices. As industrious folks can envision these natural phenomenon are virtually anything that can be imagine.

For all of the great innovations people have made over the years I think it’s funny that the one item that is both amazingly strong and durable and still able to flex, collapse and cushion is wood.

This simple and often underestimated thing which can have life spans from a few short years to well over 400 is truly one of the most versatile devices created by a loving God.
Again I’m not sure why I thought of this a week or so ago but it has sort of helped me keep some things in perspective.


Mat said...

Mmmmm...trees. Good for chopping.

Actually as the son of a carpenter I'm very much aware of the glories of good wood, er lumber.


Not post related, but I wanna say a little more about before I do a full on post about it. It's basically myspace for music lovers except better designed and it tracks your listening habits. It's a little piece of software that attaches to your music player and collects only that data.

This isn't big brother, its fun. I really would like to do a cafe group there to track all our listening and be cool. Trouble is we need 15 folks to sign up for it to work. So I need everyone here to get on it.

One of the really cool aspects is that it will show you people who have similar listening habits then you can check them out and get cool recommendations for new music.

I'll try to say more in a real post in a day or two or three.

CL said...

Really good post Mullins.

Jamison said...

Trees... the die, and are reborn each year, they change colors, change size, adapt to their surroundings and environment. I once was backpacking and came across a tree that had fallen, but was just barely still connected to its rooted trunk. The tree had managed to still sprout new branches vertically despite the face that 99% of the tree was horizontal.

mullinz8 said...

Thanks, CL. I think the post is a bit odd but I’ve always loved trees for some reason. They are wonders of geometry and architecture and completely random at the exact same time.

Cousins, as far as trees go, can be soft like Balsa wood or as strong as Hickory, beautiful and twisting like a Dogwood or as tall and straight at a California Redwood.

I’ve lived in areas without trees and I just don’t like it. I need something to dot the landscape.