Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ban the bridge

The toll bridge near my neighborhood (that turns a 40 minute drive to work into a 22 minute drive) was sold. Sold to a company in Australia. the first thing this new company does is raise the toll from $1.00 to $1.50.

I thought I would be the only person upset about this, but I get a flyer on my mailbox every other day, picketing lines are being formed every weekend, and there is an unoffical boycott of the toll bridge the day that it will first go to $1.50.

I listen to local talk radio alot and people call in all the time about it.

So I did my part...

it is not done yet, but almost finished, check it out! I certainly will not be able to not use the bridge every day, but I can cut my usage down by 50% easily, saving me money! So it is really a good thing!


midnitcafe said...

This is so totally Jamison to me. I love it.

CL said...

Thats it brother, be the change - no pun intended

Jamison said...

actually, I havent been "like this" in years and it feels good. I would have taken it like a dog laying down, but since everyone else is upset, I will encourage them

mullinz8 said...

I think you should give them hell about raising the toll but then again if you really want to show them what’s what don’t use the bridge.

If no one uses it they will loose money hand over fist. If you use it begrudgingly you’re not doing the cause any good. If you drive it and grumble then you might as well just accept the extra dollar a day and smile to your new foreign community investors.

Jamison said...

we shall flip them the bird as our boats floats under the toll bridge for our float trip takes us directly under it.

midnitcafe said...

When did mullins become the curmudgeons Brewster? They won't do any good. Not enough will boycott to lose the company enough money to change. But its the spirit of protest that counts.

Flip the bird. Wear buttons and t-shirts. Well, don't be too mean since the folks working the bridge are just earning a wage, but tell them to curse their bosses.

Jamison said...

this morning the police department had to come out and direct traffic. the "long way" (non-toll bridge way) was so crowded that they had to announce on the news to leave work earlier or later to avoid the traffic.
They had people picketing outside the toll bridge too... seems that 50% or so toll bridge traffic was stopped.

And I did not use it today (working from home anyway)

I may pay in pennys tomorrow.