Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

I have two reason's for this post. I'll get to the one that affects the gang first. Look at these pics. I might have found the spot for our get together. The place will hold all of us easily and it has digital Satelite. The cost a good faith donation to the owner and nothing more. The location is near Jasper, AL.

OK, so why did I end up at this spot?

My two brothers and I had our first annual Brothers Only weekend (3 full days together). We stayed in this lake only because bad weather was on the way and a pop-up camper did not sound like a good idea. The weekend was all about getting to know each other, setting priorities, discussing family (each respectivily and our parents), and current activities and health concerns, etc. It was great. There was a formal talking point agenda but no set schedule. We talked, walked, skipped rocks, played a few outdoor games, watched movies, ate, and produced copious amounts of flatulence.

The weekend was magnificient and I hope we can make it an annual thing.


Jamison said...

I love it! I am in. how man bedrooms?

mullinz8 said...

yeah me too. the place looks really nice. what's the bed room count?

Can I bring a tent and sleep outside if it's really nice or will I be rolling down the hill side?

kermitgrn said...

Rooms is a good question, but there are 4 double (or queen) beds, 1 king, 2 futons, and a inflateable double. You could sleep in the back. There is a small area for that as well as a place where a few fires have been lit. THe beauty is, if we really need extra rooms, the two adjacent mobile homes are owned by the owners brothers.