Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas visit with the Mullins


This Christmas we went to Chattanooga to spend time with my folks...


And how could I not get together with the Mullins clan while being an hour and some change from them? Fortunately for us, they were willing to come to Chattanooga to see us.


The meeting was all too short, dinner, a walk, and some tourist shopping, but it was fun and always good to see good friends. Jules walked across the walking bridge and I seemed to have forgotten her fear of bridges, perhaps she was too kind to mention it to us when we suggested the path.


It's wierd how you can not see a friend for a long time, communicate pretty much only through email, have a long list of things to ask them about and talk to them about, yet when you get together like this, you just shoot the breeze as though the friend lived down the road and you saw them on a regular basis.

Alas, signs of a solid friendship...



mullinz8 said...

and then suddenly their kid pukes on you.

That's friendship!

Anonymous said...

When is our next full on reunion??