Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Baby born

I got a call at 2:30pm yesterday (Tuesday) that Jodi's water had broke. I presume by this time a baby has been born. Pray for Chuck, Jodi, and baby. No news other than that.

**The following was written by Brewster who cannot make comments on blogspot blogs, and thus must make an addition here.***

Apologies to Charles and Jodi and the new baby. Don't mean to take up space on the announcement. But I did want to comment on Ryan's comment.

Basically Jamison got it right. There were only four of us who really ever did a lot of posting in the first place, and it seems we all have other things to do right now.

I hate to say that I told you so about this blog, but I kind of did. (PS Jamison I just used the "labels" to find that link.)

I really can't make any comments here anymore, well mostly. Every now and again China lets me view/comment on blogspot blogs, but it is random and rare. So as a general rule I simply can't. This makes me have no desire to post anything discussion worthy. This eliminates anything on politics or religion. That leaves either random fun links or personal things.

I have the Shanghai Cafe for personal things and The Midnight Cafe for the fun links.

I suppose I could post the personal stuff here too, but it seems redundant. If anyone is interested in my life in China just go there. If I thought there was a chance of revival here, I'd still double post. But really, at this point we're basically dead. Without the return of at least a couple of major players we'll remain that way.

So sorry Ryan, I don't know what to say. You are welcome to write posts here. And anyone else still reading is encouraged to write.


Keep it alive Jamison! I'll try to add some things soon. Not being able to comment sucks. I think I may just do it this way, or maybe I'll add a comment posts after the original post. Does adding comments to the post totally suck to everyone?


Ryan F. said...

This place is like a ghosttown here lately. I feel like everyone else has gone to a "new hangout" and no one told me about it. I keep coming here looking for goodstuff, and other than Jamison, not much here. WAKE UP EVERYBODY!! Come on, let's get this thing going again.

BTW, congrats Chuck and Jodi. If you all haven't heard, my wife and I are expecting our 2nd child. Should be due in May.

Jamison said...

trust me, no one is hanging out anywhere else. I will try to give you a run down....
The fact that I post at all is a miracle in and of itself. I spend most of my writing time doing articles for

Brew is along those same lines. He spends his writing energy at his new Shanghai cafe site. Anything that happens to him, I presume he just assume post it there, which makes sense.

Mullins does shoots sometimes into the wee hours of the morning now with his job.

Stubbs never posted much anyway, but with their new baby, (and dial up internet) I doubt he gets on the net much at home.

Chuck has probably posted 4 things since the site has been up. And he is more paranoid than I am about posting private stuff.

Sipper, I really dont know. I know he has some limits at his work but I am sure he has acces to the blog, maybe just reading access, and when he gets home he doesn't even look at a compuyer (I cant blame him)

Rachel is on the computer for most of the day, but works from home as well as takes care of a baby and a toddler.

Di, I dunno, she never posted much anyway, but when she did post, it was good stuff. I would consider her one of the best writers of the bunch.

My thought is that instead of the midnight cafe being a "dorm room" where everyone cames to hang out, now everyong stays in their dorm room and if we want to know anything about them, we have to go to their dorm to visit and vice versa.

And without members' posting, visitors go away, and no visitors comment, but such is life, perhaps it will pick back up. I check it each day too in the hopes of a new thought out there, and I will continue to post. We have had dry spells in the past, never this long, but we rocover.

Ryan F. said...

More like the old girls dorm lobby, our freshman year it was the hangout place. After that, I think I only went in there when I had to.

I don't mind posting on here, the only problem is that no one even comments anymore, which makes me think that no one even reads this stuff. Why post if no one reads it? I do read Brew's Shanghi Cafe Blog, just don't post on it that much. Oh well, I guess everyone is getting busy with babies and such. What do you do? Unless you're Britney Spears, you can't give em up...

Jamison said...

I shall post, no matter who reads and doesnt. in fact, i have some in the drafts, just needs some fine tuning. I dont care if you bastages read it or not :)

and I use that word lovingly, as many of you know. But, bastage isnt really a word. I made it up.

kellieja said...

I read

Diana said...

>>Di, I dunno, she never posted much anyway, but when she did post, it was good stuff. I would consider her one of the best writers of the bunch.

Aw, that's so nice, Jamison.

Congrats to Chuck, Jodi, and Ryan.

This just shows how little I get to read the blog. I apologize for being MIA. I feel like I spend every waking minute at school. I get home at 6, take care of the baby until 9, and then go to bed. Not much time for internet surfing... Sorry. I miss y'all.